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Vietnam: Hanoi

It’s hard to compare Japan and South Korea to the southeast Asian countries, but I’m going to anyway and of all the countries I visited on my six-week adventure, Hanoi, Vietnam was hands down my favorite place. 802 more words

Vietnam: Mai Chau

Mai Chau is a rice field area in Vietnam. Most people go to Sapa, but Jess heard good things about Mai Chau, so we decided to go there instead. 606 more words

Lifestyle Traveller: escape to mai chau

Our overseas adventure continues. This week we bring you a letter from Mai Chau, in north-west Vietnam, where we toast to the bride and groom at a local wedding, meet a Hmong shaman and learn about the lives of White Thai ethnic Vietnamese. Read the full story here.


Gần đây mình thường ra quyết định và lên kế hoạch đi chơi sát nút. Chuyến đi về Pù Luông là một trong số đó. 3,461 more words


Na Meo border crossing

Today I was a bit worried about the road conditions because of all the online accounts of this crossing. The current situation for July 2016 is that the road is pretty good, I found one section of nasty mud and bike swallowing puddles, but it was only about .5 km long. 157 more words

Adventure Riding

Cruising from Hanoi towards Laos

This is just a sample of the great scenery once you escape the outskirts of the city. Another beatiful mountain pass. Decent services every few miles as well. 71 more words

Adventure Riding

Vietnam 2016 Day 12

July 13, and this morning we had a bike ride booked along the valley for a couple of hours.  After yesterday’s work and with my cold I decided to rest instead.  280 more words