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You Will Go Ooga Booga Over Our New Tiki Purses

When you need the perfect bag for a night out at your favorite tiki bar or luau, look no further than the Sourpuss Tiki Purse… 34 more words

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Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon.6 - Part 2

Hawaii:  Day 6 – Part 2
Now that you’ve all seen me naked…. I guess it’s time to get to the Mai Tai-inspired music video. 999 more words

Tiki Weeki

I’m baaaaack! Ten days in the British Virgin Islands with no internet, then home to a wedding for Kiddo the Eldest and his beautiful new bride, plus 10 to 18 family members inhabiting the old homestead, and there just wasn’t any time left to do anything but drink. 910 more words


The Botanist - Chester

When my friend invited me to a blogging event at the Botanist in Chester I was very excited. I had never been asked to attend anything ‘as a blogger’ before. 1,281 more words


Island Time Bar & Grill | Brandenton Beach, FL

Orange lights. Fuck all that.

I stand and tell the others I’m going to the bathroom.

I walk across the wide room and turn down a narrow hallway and push the door out into the night. 1,047 more words


Have A Mai Tai...It's Waikiki Beach in A Glass

Sure. I promised myself I wouldn’t work while on my Hawaiian vacation but…

I’m not a tropical drink fan. I don’t order sugary cocktails or liqueurs at bars, but I was in Hawaii. 413 more words

Exploring Honolulu

There is never a dull moment on Oahu, unless you want there to be. Throngs of people move up and down the main strip at most hours of the day, either heading towards Diamond Head (East) or Ewa (West).  1,413 more words

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