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Update~ [May 17]


So, I didn’t get to make the gif image from my previous post about the upcoming Love Live movie…but I had my friend, RTorya, do it for me. 299 more words


SEGA and Wave: Pre-Birthday Maki Special!

Hello, readers~

Kinda rushing things here, so just a few words.

Earlier, you may have seen Amonoff’s posts. Expect more people coming to post other things! 292 more words


Twitter user comes up with great tea bag business idea for for everyone with "mai waifu"

For a dedicated entrepreneur, potential business ideas are everywhere. You just have to keep your eyes open–after all someone had to come with idea for zippers first. 351 more words


Cupcakes. Just Cupcakes.

Hello, dear readers~

Want a cupcake?

I was surprised to see a store down my dorm that sells cupcakes. I assume the old lady who sometimes drops by is the owner. 115 more words


A List To Help Get My Mind Off Whatever Bad Thing I'm Feeling.

An upcoming debate on whether a fetus is a human, a plate I have to make involving clay, friends who drifted apart…I dunno, dear readers, but I think I’m at that time where I’m losing hope in life. 557 more words


Language of the otaku has infiltrated our Internet forums

I’m sure that many of our readers are acquainted with the Japanese word otaku and its assimilation into English. For those that aren’t, it is a special label given to people who are especially obsessed with what might be considered nerdy hobbies, particularly those related to Japanese anime and manga. 623 more words


Nendoroid Sakuya Izayoi Review

Yesterday, December 12,2012 , was my figure collecting anniversary. Unfortunately our connection was being a  bitch and I wasn’t able to post this review. But anyway today we’re going to review… 759 more words