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Do you have what it takes to have a maid!?

Where ever you find two or more women sitting together, guess what would they be talking about, other than clothes and jewelry? Yes,yes, yes…you guessed it right…’Maids’ and their never-ending issues.No discussion is completed without having a discussion on our favorite topic of maid..as if our lives only revolve around them and our very existence is only dependent on them,oh, don’t get me wrong here, I myself have had my share of maid issues…until one day I realized I was getting fat,clumsy and good for nothing..its on one of those day that I omitted the word ‘Maid’ from my priority list. 675 more words

Maid Issues

Helper or Hazard

What to do.

Our helper Rose isn’t really anyone’s ideal helper. She doesn’t clean well. She moves very slow and she doesn’t really do much. She’s about 300+ lbs (whenever I say that CMF looks at me like he wants to say I’m exaggerating but then realizes it’s true) … 335 more words

Personal Idiosyncracies

My Maid's Trauma


25th August 2006

Today morning, when I returned home after dropping my son to the school bus, my wife told me that Anita – our maid – won’t be coming today. 1,341 more words

Social Writing

Yin Yang Yaya

May I just rant? My current mood does not match the new look of my blog.

Today went really went until a few hours ago when I discovered that we do not have water because Ate Dorina broke the knob of one of the water pipes. 945 more words

Memoirs Of A Mummy

Ate Dorina's Pork Tapa

It is been a while since I last blogged about my yaya woes. That is because our current helper is much better than the last five that we had. 226 more words

Mrs. Monologues

DIY Haircut Gone Bad

There is a special place in hell for parents who cut their toddler’s hair

… so I delegated the task to Ate Dorina! Hehe. She probably did not understand my instructions. 34 more words

Memoirs Of A Mummy


As I mentioned in my previous post, our third helper for the year, let’s call her H, left a couple of weeks ago. At 18 years old, she is the youngest helper we ever had. 305 more words

Memoirs Of A Mummy