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And here we are at last! 40 days from the morning I set out with an overpacked car, I returned with the trailer we’ve coveted for a year. 776 more words

Maiden Voyage

To Verdi

Tonight is the last sleep of Dory’s maiden voyage.

I feel mixed, ambivalent even. I am ready to be home, but if Richard had stayed the whole time, I’m guessing I could have been happy out here a lot longer. 598 more words

Maiden Voyage

To Wendover

It’s amazing what a difference a good night’s sleep can make. I slept very soundly last night and I think the others did too, or at least better than they had been. 982 more words

Maiden Voyage

To Rock Springs

Ok, here’s the thing: there is far more water in the entire mid section of the country than it needs. California is dehydrating like a Napa Valley raisin. 534 more words

Maiden Voyage


Today was a day of rest and contemplation.

Darren rang in his 21st year with very little fanfare. He had no interest in going and getting a drink of any kind, nor did he really want to make a big deal of it. 549 more words

Maiden Voyage

To Scottsbluff

Happy to be back in my second “home town” of Scottsbluff, NE. This is where both my parents were born and raised and where I spent many summers as a kid. 621 more words

Maiden Voyage

To North Platte

Ok better today. Still pretty hot and humid and this time it took me a long time to get the hitch onto the ball, but the lock worked better. 656 more words

Maiden Voyage