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The Case Of Vivian Maier: Why Eccentric Introverts Are Awesome

An example of Maier’s captivating street photography

Originally published at The Huffington Post

I recently came across a documentary film about a self-taught street photographer from the 1950s who died before realising how much fame her Rolleiflex twin lens camera would bring her. 707 more words

Was Jesus A Myth?

Claims that Jesus of Nazareth is simply a regurgitation of the myths, such as Osiris, Dionysius, or Mithras  are really impossible to reconcile if you study the details. 198 more words


Vivian Maier at Beetles and Huxley: 4th August- 5th September 2015

The discovery of Vivian Maier is unremarkable. The Chicago nanny shot to posthumous fame after thousands of her negatives turned up at auction in 2009. Under appreciated art seems to appear all the time yet what… 775 more words


Eye to Photographs by Vivian Maier Methods

The process of transferring your film or digital photographs onto canvas is a lot easier than you think. All it needs is a specialized inkjet printer that is be able to print out your… 198 more words

A Vivian Maier SelfPortraits

It’s not shocking so many women have a love hate relationship with their mirrors. In at this time’s youth-centric tradition, girls really feel increasing strain to look young. 342 more words

Vivian Maier Street Photographer Products

How to inform: Inquire wherever the photographer typically takes newborn photographs. Then when you meet with the photographer, if probable, meet in your residence. This may possibly not always be probable, but it is great to consult because seeing your property provides the photographer excellent insight into who you are, your individual type, and the total feel of what helps make you cozy. 228 more words

Finding Vivian Maier Whats

Face It: What Women Actually Really feel As Their Appears Change maps out the emotions of genuine despair and panic women really feel after they realise their looks are ageing. 304 more words