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Ray - Recall


Lyrics: Mami Kawada
Composition & Arrangement: Maiko Iuchi 593 more words


KOTOKO left I've, but her album's still mostly I've anyhow.

As reported on Aibublog’s sister site La Clef, KOTOKO has indeed left I’ve, yet mysteriously her upcoming album’s production credits seem incredibly familiar. Of the album’s 13 tracks, all originals, 7.5 are I’ve tracks, with that .5 going out to a song that Maiko Iuchi composed and somebody else arranged. 77 more words


Moar moar KOTOKO and MAKO

The news on these two utahime still won’t stop!

Do you remember the eroge by CandySoft, Motto Nee, which BGM will be produced by I’ve Sound (and Isshiki Yui)? 92 more words


Single Review: Rolling Star☆彡

A short review this time.

Larval Stage Planning – Rolling Star☆彡 (2010, Visual Arts)

1. Rolling Star☆彡
2. Rolling Star☆彡 (Instrumental ver.)

The theme song of eroge Kisaragi Gold Star is the debut release of I’ve’s newest addition to its roster – Larval Stage Planning. 590 more words



Remember about this unconfirmed rumour post?

It’s now official, with DOG DAYS official website’s “staff/cast” page listed I’ve Sound as Sound Producer with Maiko Iuchi… 99 more words


Album Review: The Front Line Covers

Various – The Front Line Covers (2008, Visual Arts)

1. Mami Kawada – RIDE -The Front Line Covers-
2. Eiko Shimamiya – DROWNING -The Front Line Covers- 1,416 more words


Miss Fragrance of Moon Poem is back!!

I’m not really sure everyone still remember (from this post) that aside from having Outer filling the spot of opening theme for upcoming eroge by WHITESOFT, … 113 more words