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Day In The Life Of A Private Mail Carrier

I woke up in the early morning hours, and rolled over to see what time it was. Red  eyes, glared back at me, with the time.  398 more words

Classic Rock

Men found dead on Tahiti Lane identified by police

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police have identified the two men who were found dead on Tahiti Lane Wednesday.

According to a spokesperson with the Memphis Police Department, the victims were Ronnie Little, 55, and Larry Little, 39. 84 more words


A Rocky Start: Chapter Thirteen

Amber was feeling stressed when she went down to breakfast Friday morning. Her mother must have known she would be, because she was busy making chocolate chip pancakes, Amber’s favorite. 2,044 more words


Before Canine Attacks, Owner Tells UPS Driver, 'Don't Worry, It's A Nice Dog'

(CBS) – A UPS delivery driver viciously attacked and mauled by a dog last week says he thought he was going to die.

For the first time, he’s sharing the disturbing details. 274 more words


Murder Of Beloved Postal Carrier Hits Neighborhood Hard

CHICAGO (CBS) — The loss of a mail carrier murdered over the weekend is being deeply mourned by the customers he served.

They told CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley, when Tyjuan Lewis was killed, a bit of Bridgeport died with him. 220 more words


September 24, 2015 | Dream Journal

Dream 1

Unfortunately I can only barely remember the end of this dream so it does not make much sense, it took place during the day and I think that the earlier parts of the dream possibly took place at a college, and I think that two or more groups of people were playing a game and/or having a competition and/or having a battle and/or something that I can not remember; and I assume that I was in one of those groups, maybe things were fun and games at first (maybe this was all a video game at first, but I can not remember) and maybe things got out of control later when maybe reality and the video game or dream world got confused by some people on each team, but I can not remember. 1,286 more words

Dream Journal