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Writing mails like professionals

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"What the...?!?": Sent to Seattle

No Postcrossing/swap-bot action here: this is a great-big envelope I sent off to a friend!

The occasion is the Lunar New Year–and I did send a few specially-purchased Year of the Monkey goods–but as usual in the packets of madness I send out to friends, the “good stuff” is surrounded by a wealth of random bits I have accumulated for the purpose of amusement: stickers, trading cards, stuff that surfaces in fits of decluttering…all sorts of odd bits &¬†ridiculousness. 173 more words

Mailing address

Hazel’s mailing address:

Hazel Eby
Room 3
Mennonite Home
5353 SE Columbus Street
Albany, OR 97322

She has always loved getting cards! Her birthday is March 4. 14 more words


DC Gone Postal

I love mail.

I always have.

I hope I always will.

I hope it sticks around because I still prefer it to an email, text, or other high-tech means of communication. 271 more words

Anticipation... Is Making Me Wait

Okay, if you are about my age, that title just made you sing the jingle for a Heinz ketchup commercial. The jingle was taken from an old Carly Simon song.   685 more words


in my mailbox

Do you have that one pen pal where you know, no matter what, it’s going to be a good mail day when a letter from them is sitting in your mailbox? 118 more words