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The Mailbox

I love writing. Whether it’s a letter, a journal entry, blogging or fiction, I truly cannot get enough of it. It’s such a part of me that it’s second nature to put pen to paper. 378 more words

Out and Back

I submit poems to multitudinous journals and e-zines. Many are accepted, for which I am very grateful, but many are returned, poor spurned poems … 77 more words


You Go Boy

@holdenmonty is going to write a complicated e-mail. Let s all wish him best of luck! You go, Monty!

My email is broken - how to diagnose and fix mail problems

Cannot send and/or receive messages

The most common problems with email are failure to receive or send messages. Your first step in either case is to look at the error message, which should give you a good clue as to what went wrong, and may enable you to skip some steps in the process below. 1,177 more words


How to combine Varvara Morozova for a mailbox address in a way nobody used?

It is always like this… You need a formal (and very serious, of course) mail account, but when you start to enter your full name it is appeared to be taken! 64 more words