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If Not For Ed

Here is a little Halloween sidetrack. Last year, before the Parlando project, when people asked me what I was doing, I’d tell them I was writing a rock opera. 301 more words


Vampira - the first horror movie hostess

We decided to start Halloween earlier and bring back to life the amazing horror art of 80s and 90s. Here is the queen of scream: VAMPIRA! 18 more words


The Naro Escape: Vampira And Me

The Naro Escape comes with some backstory this month.

Here’s another one of the many, many things I love about Naro Video. A good number of the DVD cases have stickers that say “_____’s Pick,” the blank of course being the name of the staff member who liked it. 731 more words


Yeah, she got a nice send off, Vampira did. The funeral, the media, the long, beautiful researched obituaries. She became again a major figure in death. 628 more words