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The Naro Escape: Vampira And Me

The Naro Escape comes with some backstory this month.

Here’s another one of the many, many things I love about Naro Video. A good number of the DVD cases have stickers that say “_____’s Pick,” the blank of course being the name of the staff member who liked it. 731 more words


Yeah, she got a nice send off, Vampira did. The funeral, the media, the long, beautiful researched obituaries. She became again a major figure in death. 628 more words


TCMFF 2016 - Thursday 28th April: Cemetery and Splendour

Friends, films and The Formosa aside, I had a few things to check off my (imaginary) Hollywood list. My plans were not grand (or even very ambitious) and I left the hotel on Thursday morning – the day the festival would officially kick-off – intending to do two things: visit Hollywood Forever Cemetery and take the obligatory photograph of the HOLLYWOOD sign. 582 more words

Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)

Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)


Director: Edward D.Wood Jr.

Main Stars: Gregory Walcott, Tom Keene, Mona McKinnon, Tor Johnso, Bela Lugosi, Maila Nurmi… 258 more words

3 Beers

Pinup Icon Maila Nurmi AKA Vampira

    In the pin-up art world there are, IMO, three distinct ‘types’ of pinup.

1. The “Girl next door”. Sweet, approachable pie baking loveliness. Think Bettie Page and the work of Gil Elvgren. 310 more words

Pinup Art

Saturday morning....

My God, it’s Saturday! Alas, I meant to sleep in, but awoke at eight in the morn. I dreamt my science teacher came over to have breakfast. 478 more words