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Restaurant Review: Tom's Kitchen, Mailbox, Birmingham. A chic, smart place for veggies.

So once more Ruth and I were let out of the house together, as parenting duties were suspended for the evening. Not only were we let out but we ambled up to the big smoke (City Centre) nosebleeds in tow and wondered how long it may have been since we ate together in the city centre. 736 more words


Arrival Of Strange Letters Cause Portagers To Suddenly Disappear

Portage la Prairie, MB –

A series of odd unsolicited letters are showing up in mailboxes across Portage la Prairie and producing some disturbing side effects. 516 more words


In the Autumn Sun

A pre-Autumn late September rural scene. The late sun was producing a soft glow.


Hachette Mail Vlog, Warning... BOOKS

I am a strong believer in physical books. Don’t get me wrong, ebooks and Audio books have their place… *MOST of the books I’ve consumed this year have been in audio format*  But there is just something about a physical book that makes me go gaga. 127 more words


Bogus Newspaper Delivery

This morning, when I awoke, I went to the front door to get my newspapers.

They were not there. I called the delivery service and asked for a recovery delivery. 128 more words


London - Day 7: Trying to get a GP

Friday- So I had three goals for today: do laundry, get a mailbox, register with a GP. Now the point of the mailbox would solely be for job applications and registering with a GP (since I can’t use the hostel address). 406 more words


Over-Engineered Mailbox Flag machined using Under-Engineered Mini-Lathe

used his cheap, Chinese, bench mini-lathe to make a non-terrible mailbox flag holder (YouTube video, embedded below). Tim posts videos on his channel about garage hobby projects, many of which are built using his mini-lathe, often based on suggestions from his followers. 398 more words