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Reduce Junkmail

This is a simple waste to reduce, though it took me a while to understand it.

The first step is to determine if you are a client or a prospect for the company mailing you the marketing material/mailers. 272 more words


How to Repurpose All Those Election Flyers You Got in the Mail

Let me guess: You, too, got about 2 pounds or 153 extra pieces of mail in the weeks leading up to Election Day! Well, I’ve got a few ideas on how to repurpose all those election flyers! 701 more words

Hurricanes and Caravans



As far as Hurricane Willa goes, no, it was NOT sent by the Deity, whichever one you claim to “Stop the Honduran Caravan.” If G-d worked that way – that is to say as a “Push button” response to your wishes, then we’d have a bigger problem than 4,000-15,000 “immigrants,” as it would mean that you might start calling on Him to smite those who disagree with you. 308 more words

360 Show

Packaging perfection

After buying vinyl on-line over the years (directly from stores or marketplaces), it’s obvious that it can be a ‘hit and miss’ affair in terms of how your ordered piece of plastic will be packaged – and thus how it will arrive on your doorstep. 114 more words

Music And Vinyl

12 Sales-Boosting Strategies

The competition is fierce and ad budgets are tighter than ever. If you’re looking to boost profits and gain market share, there are some things you can do to gain a bigger piece of the pie. 596 more words

Junk Mail Sucks

I got this envelope in the mail today. As you can see it looks really fancy and important, so if you lived life at all you should realize that it’s total junk. 708 more words

Society Sucks