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Calvaire de Bijombo: Narratifs & Mobilisation Opposants Bafuliro contre Banyamulenge?

Le groupement de Bijombo se situe dans le territoire d’Uvira, en Province du Sud-Kivu. Il est principalement habité par le Banyamulenge (formant la majorité), la communauté Bafuliro, Bavira, Banyindu et moins de Babembe possible. 1,669 more words


maiCSR for House of Hope - 2

20 Apr, 2017 – Maica Laminates Sdn Bhd had performed a 2nd CSR activity to House of Hope as the beneficiary of the programme. This time, it is the sponsorship of 14 table tops made from maiCompact to replace the original, existing ones. 199 more words


Doing the Laundry and Mai-Mai

Clear Sky, 26°C

134 Quezon

Just got done helping Joy with the laundry. For a few minutes, I took photos of Mai-Mai, our mini-pinscher in between hanging clothes to dry. 27 more words


Games That Almost Got It Right: Part One

Some games are just plain brilliant. They offer a distraction that doesn’t feel like a waste of time, despite how many hours you feed it. And when you’re finished with a game like this, you are absolutely sated, not left wishing that it had done something more. 728 more words


JP Rhythm Game Spotlight: SEGA's MaiMai!

Summer 2014. It’s the weekend. I’m taking a break from school, studies, and whatever the hell is bothering me. Going to the mall with my family for some lunch and some relaxation. 698 more words


Mayoiga : Danger Past, God Forgotten

Episode 10

Kurushii Toki no Kamisama Tanomi (苦しい時の神様頼み) 

With less and less time left (episode wise) we are getting to the point in this season where it is either going to surprise us or burn out. 1,420 more words


Mayoiga : Hyoketsu in the Moonlight

Episode 9

“Gekka Hyōketsu” (月下氷結)

So when things look like they couldn’t get any weirder……..

They do. 693 more words