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Quick Overview of Developments (WW1-Present)

What was developed and what changed?

NOTE: Observations by the student that they remember off the top of their head.


  • Tanks first produced
    • Primitive design (Non-Classical layout)
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Myths of American Armor

Ever since Fury came out I hear a lot of stuff from people who say things such as this:

“The Americans were so afraid of the Tiger that it took 5 of their Shermans to kill 1 Tiger” 35 more words

A general overview of WW2 Tank development

Although WW1 set the foundation for tank development, it was WW2 that provided rapid innovation for much of the 20th century. Here is an overview of which of the Big 4 in WW2 had going in development and use. 646 more words

Operation Barbarossa and the Battle of Kursk

A playlist of 4 video lectures by Extra Credits on the largest tank battle in history, pay very close attention to the second video.

It is not just good tank tactics that determine a battle/war, it is also development, innovation, and numbers that force the scales into favor.

Ride the Lightning...

Given the topic we’re about to invade, listen to this video while reading.

Germany during the time of WW1 had substandard tank production due to the fact that they were focusing on anti-tank weaponry and tactics (such as the K bullet), but still lost. 906 more words

A tour of the WW1 section of Bovington

So here’s the deal: We could be talking about WW1 tanks all  up until the cows come home, and that’s not going to help us at all. 54 more words