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Whip up this easy and lively shrimp stir-fry from Montreal's Spice Trekkers

Elegant, spiced cuisine has long been a favourite with Montreal chef Philippe de Vienne and his wife, Ethné Grimes de Vienne, veteran world travellers. They have written a new cookbook to show us exactly how to cook their way, and eat healthily, too. 278 more words


MENU 12-7-16 and Recipes

As requested by a blog follower, I’m posting the recipe for the Salisbury Steak that we made last week.

This makes 100 steaks and we made the recipe 5 times for 500. 340 more words

'Gravy as the main dish? Yes, please': From a vegan cook, gravy for the holidays and beyond

My general approach to a holiday meal, back when I ate meat and now that I don’t, is that it is all about the sides, and the sides are all about the gravy. 1,355 more words


Mary Berry's shrimp with spicy cashew sauce is a dish so easy you can turn to it again and again

Recipes featured in this column are often tweaked to save a step or two, but we’ve added an extra one here — with your convenience in mind. 673 more words


Transport tastebuds to lively Provence with quick kale and sausage pasta dinner

Browse through the new cookbook French Country Cooking and you will feel as if you are spending a happy time living and eating well in your own house in France. 369 more words


Spicy, cheap and easy, 'huevos rotos' is what you want in mid-week fare

Diana Henry’s new cookbook, Simple, is subtitled “Effortless Food, Big Flavors.” This dish is a perfect example of Henry’s easy approach: just eight ingredients and even fewer instructions, but satisfying, full of rich and spicy flavours, and textures from crunchy to creamy. 230 more words


Piquant pork: An easy apple-glazed tenderloin dinner dish to celebrate sweater weather

Ready in less than 30 minutes, pork tenderloin is one of our favourite cuts of meat for weeknight dinners. Our Apple Glazed Pork Tenderloin takes a little extra planning, as the tenderloin marinates overnight in a spiced apple juice marinade, and is served with a sweet and tangy apple glaze. 556 more words