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Lasagna with creamy tofu ricotta

Most tofu ricotta recipes call for crumbled tofu, but I wasn’t completely happy with how my lasagna would turn out that way. It just wasn’t creamy enough like original ricotta cheese. 375 more words


Food: Herb butter makes simple egg on toast a standout

Fried eggs on toast is a classic sandwich around here. It’s suitable for all meals, at any time of day. I’m never without eggs (or bread, for that matter) and some days, you know THOSE days when it’s impossible to cook anything else, eggs on toast come to the rescue. 776 more words


Juicy pork three ways: The magic is in savoury sauces and marinades

Most of us have been served overcooked, leathery pork chops at some point in our lives.

Prepared properly, however, pork can be tender, juicy and flavourful, and a quick, lean option for your weeknight meals. 596 more words


Tender chicken dish with onions, olives is rich and warming

A richly flavoured and warming meal is still very welcome at this time of year.

Tender chicken thighs can sit for an extra bit of time in the oven without drying out, which is handy for a meal that often can’t be timed precisely. 375 more words


Chicken salad breaks the 'same-old' mould: Crunchy, sweet ingredients meet a tangy, buttermilk dressing

I typically think of salad with chicken as a workhorse of the healthful culinary world.

It reliably gets the job done and can be good, but it is rarely memorable or inspiring. 557 more words


Quick to make, fun to eat: Why Chinese lettuce wraps will never go out of style

Here’s a meal that works for a household full of folks on different schedules. Stir-fry the ginger-and-garlic-flavoured mushrooms and ground pork whenever you’ve got a quorum for dinner. 461 more words


Oil-free Hummus with Aquafaba

Here is a great way to make your hummus oil-free while still being nice and creamy. Aquafaba (the liquid from canned chickpeas) is all the rage right now and it’s being used to make all kinds of neat things like meringue. 71 more words