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ik 179 for August 2015 wp

ik 179
(American haiku)
a real vacation this week

walking almost nine
miles – beach, boardwalk and the
main drags – we are full

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Lots of New Gretsch Arrivals

We’ve gotten in a ton of new, used, and vintage Gretsch kits in the last few weeks bringing us to 11 on the store. This pile happens to include one of the new Brooklyn sets and a few Brooklyn snares. 331 more words

The Way To End A Week

There is no better way to end a workweek then to restore a shortwave radio.  A customer brought in this Zenith Trans-Oceanic that was bought new by his grandfather. 63 more words

Not your Standard Fuzz... but it could be

We’ve got a vintage Ibanez Standard Fuzz, plug it into a Fender and some reverb and get all Black Keys! What a great fuzz sound… We’ve also come into some used Death By Audio pedals, there are some wild noisemakers for a lot less than new, come try them out and give your eardrums a workout! 32 more words

New shipment of Supernaturals Cymbals!

We touched on this a little while ago, but we just got a new shipment so ALARM! ALARM! ALARM!

If any of you drummers (or drummer friendly folk) have been in our drum shop recently, you may have noticed our the new turkish cymbal line we’re now carrying, Supernaturals Cymbals.  110 more words


three glorious hiwatts – one for every size, one for every stage.
From top to bottom:
an SA 2×12 with reverb
’77 Custom 50… 18 more words