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Brynzové halušky

„Halušky“ are little gnocchi or dumplings of potato dough. They are one of the most famous dishes in Slovakia. Form part of Slovakia, Liptov, Orava, and specifically of the surrounding culture. 1,194 more words

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Sweet chocolate bread with beetroot

This dessert combines many great favourite chocolate with unjustly hated beetroot. The result is how otherwise excellent. 304 more words

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L.T.D./Black Seeds (CD Reissue) By The Main Ingredient

L.T.D./Black Seeds

The Main Ingredient

Real Gone Music 2015

Review by David Bowling

Today, the Main Ingredient is best known for their big hit “Everybody Plays The Fool,” with lead vocalist Cuba Gooding, father of the actor by the same name. 286 more words

Real Gone Music

Sunday breakfast

I really love our lazy breakfast with my husband. We don’t have much free time. Just because I’m trying to make the most of enjoy it! 315 more words

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Quiche Lorraine • Salad with mango • Mango dessert

Quiche (/ˈkiːʃ/ KEESH) has a delicate pastry and a filling of eggs and milk or cream which, when baked, becomes a custard. Altough known as a classic French dish, the quiche originated in Germany. 1,063 more words

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Pikeperch with wine sauce • Horseradish dip • Roasted red beets • Potatoes • Salad

This recipe is inspired by Jamie Oliver again, just a little bit better. Don’t worry horseradish dipu, it’s great together with roast the beets and the fish. 729 more words

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