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Journal Entries

1)I Watched a video about Romeo & Juliet and Motifs

2)Stuff About Motifs

3)Work on Episode 11 (My Story)

4)I didn’t

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Episode 10: La Fortaleza

“Im sorry my ol’ pal” Lukas said as he clicked the reset button

“System resetting 104 hours, 48 minutes and 36 seconds remaining, would you like to see memory” computer said… 932 more words

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Episode 9:Your Choice

Previously: After Episode 7

Before Episode 8( I know Weird but its cool)

As Lukas made his way home he was attacked by a fleet of alien ships, he was flying over the crater created by the ship that was brought down by the Australians with a nuke… 530 more words

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Tired of Reflection

1)Today I worked on the same stuff because I didn’t pass a quiz, I of course, didn’t pass it today but it still passed me :-( 49 more words

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Episode 8:Coming Home

“Its been 2 days and still no one has found us”Luke said calmly

“We’ll sir I think we should keep on moving”Mike said

“Moving?  we are lost, my food supply is running low and and you are broken”Luke said… 140 more words

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Episode 2:Really Short

“Oh god what happened?”Caitlyn said waking up”What that hee- what that heck happened here”Caitlyn said

“Ahhhhhhhh!!!”Jagl screamed

“Whats going on!”Caitlyn said unable to move

“Help!”Jagl screamed… 248 more words

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Episode 1: After Lucas Leaves

“-Okay you will all do as I say so okay, we will kill them all, we will imprison them all and then kill them all, Is that a good speech”Jagl said to Caitlyn… 1,046 more words

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