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Episode 5: Ohhh My

As the time shortened for those last episodes the excitement in Lucas face faded away, realizing the episodes were two much for just two years and the amount of dust in the place he decided to call Xavier, with no success he decided to ask Caitlyn (his AI) about what had happened in the last 2 years. 802 more words

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Episode 4: Ready to watch Tv

“——-System Malfunction System System Malfunction System System Malfunction System System Malfunction System System Malfunction System Malfunction System —————Malfuctioonnnnnnnn chhrhrhrhehchsshhhshh! Deactivating Systems, System Reboot—-1 Week Later—-Welcome Back sir” A female robotic voice you could hear… 109 more words

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Episode 3: Do What?!?

After finally coming to a decision Luke and Xavier decided that Jagl needed to be destroyed.

“You’re fired” Luke said

“I thought we agreed on killing him” Xavier said… 370 more words

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Episode 2: Hell Nah

As Luke dragged an unconscious Javier with his new employee Alejandro(Bob), Xavier made his way back towards Lucas.

“See what you have done?!?” Xavier said mad… 699 more words

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Episode One: The Beginning

“What the Heck Dude!”said Xavier Bursting thru the Door

“Hi there, didnt know you were so excited” Said Luke calmly to Xavier

“I told you not to waste money!!! 367 more words

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Good News for Storys

Im gonna reupload all the stories in order with alot of grammar fixes which i know there were alot of so yeah and im gonna add more stories, finish it :-)

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