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Don't mention this post to anyone, it's a secret (Obama's a Muslim)

This guy, by writing this article, is doing exactly what he chastises the pollsters for doing. I had not even heard of this poll until I stumbled on this column. 221 more words

Leftist Ratfuckers

Frannie-poo Tarkenton should stick to touch football

Fran Tarkenton last beclowned himself weighing in on the Tim Tebow “Tebowing” whine-fest, taking the side of the godless. Instead of applauding the fact that a quarterback was advocating religion, morals, good behaviour, good sportsmanship and general righteousness, Fran cried and cried about the fact Tim brought too much Jesus to his game and I guess it offended Fran’s sense of decorum. 152 more words


David Frum and Matthew Yglesias are pieces of shit, not human beings

Well, David Frum (the turn-coat Kos asslicker who makes a living trashing the people who gave him his start) manages to write the most graceless piece possible about Andrew Breitbart’s death, but what can you expect. 187 more words

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How do you tell an Italian blog? Dago wop wop wop wop wop...

I guess I’m just not getting it. Someone indirectly referred to Jeremy Lin (a basketball player, if you don’t know) as a “chink”.

If someone called me a “wop” or a “dago” (both sets of grandparents were of Italian descent and my paternal grandmother came over from Italy as a little girl) I’d just laugh at something so absurd. 481 more words

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Newsflash: some conservatives vote for stiff mitt

Wow, romney manages to get some conservatives to vote for him, like that proves a goddamn thing.

You’re missing the point. Yeah, romney gets a good share of conservatives who hold their nose. 713 more words

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Democrat abortionist back-bencher throws tantrum, puffhost considers it news

Why is this even news? The amendment failed. And I disagree with the above comments saying it’s “intrusive” and “unnecessary”- how “intrusive” do you think it is to have the top of your head cut open and your brains sucked out? 62 more words

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