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Outfit of the Day: Casual Cosplay

And In That Moment, I Was Phil Coulson

I’m a nerd. It’s probably totally obvious, but I love some pretty nerdy things. Especially superheroes. Like this awesome Deadpool peplum I created. 36 more words


Lexus Gs Also Features In The Top Luxury Cars List For The Incomparable Luxury And Comfort It Offers To Its Owners.

Milk, eggs and cheese are high in protein and low in carbs, what to expect when you begin your search for specific cars in the market. 409 more words


All I want for Christmas is 80g of 35 year old Cumbria Wild sourdough starter from Ebay

I’m finally breaking my month-long vow of silence after being literally shat on by all the work I’ve been dumped with. 2000 word essay and drama performance (requiring 5 hour rehearsals daily) now over with, I can finally get back to posting regularly. 597 more words


Diet Plan 2016

As I mentioned on my instagram, today I received Day 1 of my Nourishing Dubai meal plan. Nourishing Dubai is a paleo food service that helps heal the body. 156 more words


Lust as Selfish Desire

Prompted by several friends who had read and recommended it, I finally read David Brooks’ The Road to Character.  There is much in it to reflect on. 330 more words


Culinary Travel Around the World: German Grünkernküchle (Vegetarian)

We are coming to the end of our around the world trip on the blog and, of course, I feel this has to end with a German recipe! 526 more words


Stealing a smile

Here’s a small thing to learn for you all soon-to-be-gentlemen: Whenever you see a woman approach the same door you are going to use, quicken your pace a little bit so that you are at the door just before her and then open the door for her and SMILE to her! 59 more words