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Oh my what a month February has been....

I can’t ever remember a month where we had back to back to back storms.  It would storm on Saturday and Sunday and then storm again on Tuesday or Wednesday.   461 more words

Walking Walking and Walking

I feel much better now that my water quest is complete and  manage the short trip back to Abbie B, carrying a little over thirty pounds of water back through the muck to get to her, Yuck! 1,217 more words


The Search for Water

The voyage out of the punchbowl from Jewell Island to what is now Cocktail Cove was certainly an exciting experience for Abbie B and me.  Those walls of water looking down on me were quite a sight and a bit worrisome.   948 more words

Twenty One Days At Sea


I am asleep and then I’m not.  It is 1230 am, high tide.  The immense weight of the ocean is slamming into the island with such force that the booming sounds awaken me.   766 more words

Twenty One Days At Sea

Wind and Weather

I’ve returned from my wind wanderings and found that there a myriad of stories that I could share.  I’m also sure that nearly all of my readers have their own stories as well. 805 more words

Twenty One Days At Sea

Back in the Tent

I finally let go of the sea and head to the tent.  There, I change into something warmer.  The VHF radio is to my right but I stop myself from reaching for it.   483 more words

Twenty One Days At Sea

Incoming Tide

I step out of the shrubs while savoring the last of my little big nourishment, “rose hip delight.”   Whoa!   The tide is rolling in.  A shiver courses through me from the smack of cold air encouraging me to change into something warmer, but I can’t.   177 more words