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Dog Day Afternoon

Like everyone else in Biddeford, State senator David Dutremble is troubled by the allegations of child sexual abuse that has roiled this city for the past several weeks. 2,753 more words


What I Learned About Maturity from Being Trolled Online

I love Twitter. It’s a great place to see streamlined news, for celebrities to connect with fans, and to see the best and the worst the internet has to offer. 608 more words

What I've Learned

Don't Let Tantrums Dictate Public Policy

The Maine Legislature needs to stand up to the bullying governor.

“The technique of acquiring dictatorship over what has been a democracy… always involves the same mixture of bribery, propaganda and violence.” – Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970)

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The Fireball Series: Time to Go Old School, Part 1

Time to Go Old School: Obliterating the Financial and Academic Crisis that Brings Down College Students
PART I ~ Identifying the Problem

It’s a secret dream that I’ve harbored for several years now: I would love to become an official politician someday, and work my way up the ladder of elected offices, starting perhaps with representing my hometown’s city council. 1,160 more words


"Doc Fix" Heading to the President

Last night, the United States Senate passed the legislation to amend the “doc fix.”

This bipartisan, bicameral legislation is now heading to the White House… 240 more words


Governor LePage Introduces Welfare Reform

The LePage Administration has sent out a media advisory announcing that the Governor, along with Commissioner Mayhew, Senate President Thibodeau, and House Republican Leader Fredette, will hold a news conference Monday April 6th at 1 pm where they will announce the Governor’s plan to reform welfare.   93 more words


Clumsy, Emily, Clumsy

In another clumsy move from Emily Ican’tfunctionintherealworldsoI’lljustrunforCongressagain Cain, the erstwhile Democrat immediately falsely accused the Republican balanced budget proposal, passed by the House, of hurting seniors. 149 more words