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Mainers to be thankful for | Portland Press Herald

As Mainers gather around loaded tables and greet family members who come from afar, we also take a moment to give thanks to those among us who give their time and their energy to the larger community, sharing their humanity and enriching the world around us. 28 more words


Stretching Upwards (and, believe me, being on the radio is a stretch!)

It’s never hard to feel grateful at Thanksgiving time. Beyond the blessings of family, friends, and the start of the Christmas season, there are five days off from school. 269 more words


End Of The Season

The lobster season in Maine is over for the year. Those tasty crustaceans get a break for the holidays — and a chance to grow and replenish before next year’s season rolls around — and as a result the Maine countryside is awash in yellow. 138 more words


Happy Thanksgiving!

Wayne and I are having a Thanksgiving for two-ish: Wishy, Wayne and me: 135 more words


Best Hiking Leash

The Ruffwear Flat Out Leash is our go-to favorite for all of our outdoor adventures with Millie.  It’s so convenient – you simply slide the sizer to the right fit, clip the leash around your waist, and you’re off!   37 more words

One Pilgrim's Progress on Thanksgiving

It’s my favorite day of the year. Gathered around the table with the people who know me best to eat mountains of wholesome homecooked food and a buffet of pies – “A sliver of each, please, Auntie Viv! 1,583 more words