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Maine Man 'Honored' That Russia Wants To Interrogate Him

OLD TOWN, Maine (CBS) – A Maine man is on the list of U.S. officials that Russian President Vladimir Putin says he’d like his prosecutors to interrogate. 129 more words


A Little Maine Genealogy

So, my buddy Dave and I went to Maine for the stated purpose of visiting Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, lobster, and beer. Anyone, of course, with an ounce of Maine in them would prononce the last bit as: “Bahabah, lobstah, and beeah”.   210 more words


Western Maine Interstate Vision

In my very first urban planning document I’ve made, I envisioned an interstate running around Lewiston and Auburn, up towards Rumford, and on the southern end to I-295. 401 more words


A Beautiful, Beautiful Bay

There are many reasons I enjoy time in Maine.  Primarily, it’s the natural beauty of the coast, especially as seen from the water which is my happy place. 322 more words


• Keeping positive during hard times •

-Early Spring Sunrise picture circa February, 2018-

After a great week of “ups” last week, I’ve had a hard time with this week of “let downs.” I can’t get weight loss surgery (for the time being), I didn’t get the job I applied for and I lost access to something needed for everyday living. 316 more words


West Scarborough Methodist

West Scarborough Methodist Church was built in 1839 and is located a little south of Portland, Maine.  It’s had a few renovations and expansions including in 1907 when colored glass windows and modern pews were added.  31 more words


Travel Poems by Sarah Snyder

Penobscot Bay

Thin as spider webs and barely noticed,

the morning clouds wisp the horizon.

It is the mountains that loom, the water

glossy as we skim on its back. 321 more words