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MSM Propaganda - CNN publishes biased list of ‘hate groups,’ quickly issues correctionss

Source: RT
August 22, 2017

CNN recently published an article entitled, ‘Here Are All the Active Hate Groups Where You Live.’ Turns out, it was a list by a left-leaning organization called, The Southern Poverty Law Center. 10 more words


Witness at Charlottesville: Townsfolk upset at BOTH Left and Right groups, warns this will destroy country if it gets out of hand

(National SentinelCulture & Society: A witness to events in Charlottesville, Va., says that much of what the country is being told about what took place there is being purposefully blown out of proportion, and that if too many Americans believe the hype it could eventually lead to the destruction of the country. 624 more words


Mainstream Science Now Resembles CIA Mind Control Programs to Wipe Memories

Source: ActivistPost.com
Aaron Kesel
August 19, 2017

Years of research on mice proves that scientists can weaken or strengthen particular memories from the brain or outright delete inherited memories, the… 885 more words


CNN destroyed by twitter users after trying to troll RT (Video)

CNN tries to troll RT and instead gets immediately owned.

By Alex Christoforyou | The Duran

CNN tries to troll RT and instead gets immediately owned. 296 more words