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How The Guardian Fulfills George Orwell’s Prediction of ‘Newspeak’

On Sunday April 15th, Britain’s Guardian bannered “OPCW inspectors set to investigate site of Douma chemical attack” and pretended that there was no question that a chemical attack in Douma Syria on April 7th had actually occurred, and the article then went further along that same propaganda-line, to accuse Syria’s Government of having perpetrated it. 796 more words


Starbucks' role in the great divide

Headline from a opinion piece by a lifelong black resident of Philadelphia:
“Starbucks wasn’t created for black folks, it was made to push us out.” 355 more words

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Useful Idiots? New Yorker Magazine Fails Litmus Test for Media Impartiality on Syrian War

by Robert Bridge

When America’s top thinking man’s journal fails to consider at least one possible alternative as to who may have been responsible for the latest alleged chemical attack in Syria, aside from the ‘Assad regime,’ then we may conclude that the entire mainstream media complex is receiving its marching orders from above. 1,038 more words


Arrested SMRT Trains COO a super SAF scholar?

I refer to ST article “SMRT Trains chief operations officer Alvin Kek arrested for drink driving at Woodlands Checkpoint”.

ST: “Prior to his employment at SMRT, … 92 more words


PRAGER: The New York Times Best-Seller List: Another Reason Americans Don't Trust The Media — Daily Wire

About half the American people do not believe the mainstream media tell the truth. They believe the media are more interested in promoting their left-wing views than reporting the truth.

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Twitter user accused by the British government of being a “Russian Bot” interviewed on Sky News

The interview quickly turned heated as he challenged their arguments, particularly their claim that by not toeing the UK government line, he was “anti-Britain” – and perhaps even a Kremlin agent.