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Hollywood does not care about Prince

If you happened to watch the usual satanic 2016 Billboard Music Awards last night, you probably saw the princess of the dark forces of kabbalah, pop singer Madonna, give her so-called tribute to the late pop star Prince. 165 more words

Don't Fall for the Transgender Bathroom Crisis Trap!

If you haven’t been paying attention over the weekend, not only are countries like Venezuela facing apocalyptic events of the worst kind, the earth itself is groaning with numerous volcanic activities, earthquakes, extreme thunderstorms and tornados, and more. 277 more words

The Danger of Demonization

Where do Americans get their news and views?  Most likely from their fave news outlet….FOX, NBC, ABC, CNN and the rest of the establishment called the “fourth estate”…… 345 more words


Mainstream Media Compares Pedophilia to Being Gay — Implies that Society Should Accept It

Matt Agorist 

In the current age of political correctness, some sects of society know no limits as to how far they will go to force acceptance to avoid offending others. 1,084 more words

Mainstream Media

Gavin McInnes: Why is the Left Promoting Pedophilia?

Why is the leftist media lecturing whites to be ashamed of their skin color, while telling us to be proud of pedophiles?

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Trump Vows to Sue New York Times in Latest Show of Disregard for Freedom of Press: Interview with Robert McChesney

Amy Goodman talks to professor and media analyst Robert McChesney, who discusses the news that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is reportedly considering suing The New York Times after it ran a major report on his past treatment of women, and has vowed to make it easier to sue news organizations. 49 more words


James O’Keefe Accidentally Stings Himself

Jane Mayer writes for The New Yorker:

As Dana Geraghty recalls it, March 16th was a “rather quiet Wednesday.” That afternoon, she was in her cubicle at the Open Society Foundations, on West Fifty-seventh Street, where she helps oversee the nonprofit group’s pro-democracy programs in Eurasia. 503 more words