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Is "Double Down" the new cliche of the year?

What is going on?  Are we on a blackjack binge?

When I think of a double down, I envision of 5 and 6 at the Blackjack table, putting up double the original bet, and getting one card to hopefully make a 21.   557 more words


The Fat Lady Ain’t Sung Yet

In my circle I’m regarded as kinda the “go-to guy” on political issues, and I have a pretty good record on predictions of trends and outcomes. 605 more words

2016 Election Autopsy

This past presidential election was one for the record books and a great deal of analysis will be invested into what went wrong–as in, why were all the experts wrong? 1,074 more words

Battle Stations! Putin’s Fearsome Fleet Locked, Loaded & Ready for War with Britain… or Not

Phew! I was worried I wouldn’t get this piece written before World War III broke out in the English Channel – but luckily it appears there might still be a few hours to spare before doomsday. 776 more words


Goodbye Mainstream Media... You've Been Found Out!

The 2016 US Presidential Election just might change the entire landscape of the United States Government. If Donald Trump defeats Hillary Clinton on November 8, the American people may witness changes in its country like never before. 153 more words


Trump Advisers Went to Strip Club with Members of the Media

Emily Smith and Carlos Greer report for Page Six:

The mainstream media may be in bed with Hillary Clinton’s campaign — but they go to strip clubs with Donald Trump’s. 126 more words