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Hillary Clinton's Blame Game

Let’s rewind to 2015, when she announced she was running. What did she do after that?

  1. Avoided the press until July 2016.
  2. Gave paid speeches.
  3. 460 more words
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18 September 2017 - Focal Points

World media (and all of us who follow mainstream media) attention is selective on its focus


Dianne Feinstein says there is no evidence Jared Kushner helped the Russians purchase Facebook ads

  You would not know this by watching the mainstream media but Mark Zuckerberg has come under a little scrutiny lately after it was revealed Facebook was accepting advertisements on Facebook during the 2016 campaign which were purchased by the Russians. 124 more words




You’re expressing unauthorized views.
In the game of life, that’s how you lose.
In your future invest!
Think, dear sir, like the rest!
You can trust what you see on the news!

—Tom Riley

The truth vs. CNN

In his latest FIREWALL, host Bill Whittle recounts the recent CNN scandal, describes the masterful way the videos were released and shows what incredible — almost unbelievable — harm is caused by media bias. 98 more words


Facebook Promises To Censor All Material That Makes Zuckerberg Sad

FedBook. I love all these “truthers” who keep using CIA backed platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and complain about them.

Don’t use them. Find another way to make money besides monetizing YouTube videos. 624 more words


Left-wing media trying to split Trump away from his base with BS 'DACA deal' narrative

(National SentinelPresidential Approval: Unable to separate President Donald J. Trump from his deep and wide base of supporters via trumped up (sorry) “Russian collusion” and “racist/bigot” narratives, the Left-wing hacks of the legacy media suddenly believe they have a new weapon:  530 more words

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