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Example Of Media Propaganda Mind Control.

ISIS is a terrorist organization that is running all over Africa, and the Middle East, beheading Christians for not converting to Islam. ISIS is Al Qaeda, which is funded by special interest in the West (That’s here in America), while they they allow the TSA to shove their hands down our crotch, and violate us in all kinds of ways. 289 more words


Government paid Propagandists, Mainstream Media Crisis Actors and False Flags!

Edward Bernays, in his seminal work “Propaganda”, made this following famous quote:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element and democratic society. 468 more words


Zionist Ezra Levant Confirms Jewish Lobbyists Behind Canada's Hate Speech Laws  (2:17)

Look, as far I am concerned, there are no taboo subjects.  We all need to know about such thinking. I offer this for discussion purposes.

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