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How Trustworthy is the Mainstream Media?

Do the words “whistleblowing” and “journalism” belong in the same sentence? It seems today, the job of the investigative journalist is to dodge career bullets as they write their “explosive” article and toe the proverbial sponsorship line when investigating content. 513 more words

Dystopian Environments

Dear Democrats, The DNC Don't Give A Shit.

It’s time for us to dispel the myth that the DNC gives a shit about Democrats beating Republicans in November. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are two sides of the same coin. 660 more words

"It's Not Over," Bernie Sanders Will Win!

Twitter is fired up with well meaning Bernie supporters repeatedly announcing “It’s not over” for Sanders, and that’s the truth…it’s not. But what my fellow Sander’s supporters are missing out on is the hint of desperation these kind of statements imply, and how desperation is off-putting in and of itself.  292 more words

Owen More Shite

Now that Owen Jones is contributing book reviews to the New Statesman we can safely say that this journey over to the dark side is complete. 361 more words

Class Struggle

Should the 'COMMENT' section on websites be removed?

The ‘comment’ area found on most websites, blogs, facebook, any type of social media is a place where people can read something and immediately leave their opinion, critique, or … 9 more words

Daily Life

World Defeated The Wrong Enemy


The Greatest Story Never Told:- winner’s write history, Adolf Hitler was actually a vegetarian, animal-lover, an author, an artist, a political activist, economic reformer and nominated for a Nobel Peace prize. 79 more words