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#FakeNews Flashback Fursday

The six rules of journalism are:
1. Mislead
2. Misinform
3. Misdirect
4. Distract
5. Be repetitive
6. Be repetitive

— Senator Jarod Kintz (@JarodKintz1) …

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Disgusting U.S. leaks to media have caused Britain to stop sharing intel info on Manchester bombing

(National SentinelIntelligence: The Trump administration must double and triple its efforts to track down leakers within the government – and then prosecute them – because now it’s beginning to affect centuries-old relationships and alliances, namely the one we have with Great Britain. 925 more words



The Prisoner

More commentary now from John McCain–
The guy who proudly kissed Obama’s ass
At the height of a previous campaign?
More loser sneers, more vile insider sass? 76 more words

Whistleblower Claims Obama Admin Knew MS-13 Gang Members Were Infiltrating U.S.

By Mike LaChance

The Trump administration has made it a priority to go after the MS-13 gang which is suspected of many violent crimes in the U.S. 202 more words

Are some Democrats being blackmailed?

Imran Awan and three relatives were banned from the computer networks in the House of Representatives after authorities found they were involved with unauthorized access. … 636 more words

13 More Major Fake News Stories In Five Months Of Trump’s Presidency

With Donald Trump in the White House, the media is increasingly apathetic towards, if not antipathetic to, the truth.

We are merely five months into the presidency of Donald J. 232 more words

Poll: Majority Says Mainstream Media Publishes Fake News

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the mainstream press is full of fake news, a sentiment that is held by a majority of voters across the ideological spectrum. 120 more words