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Simply Written: They Don't Want Us To Connect The Dots

Dr. John Reizer

I really believe that what we are witnessing today from the mainstream media is nothing more than a strategic and very concerted effort to intentionally obfuscate an important image of our world. 385 more words


Vaccine Dangers Being Hidden From the Public

Source: iHealthTube.com
Dr. Suzanne Humphries
April 25, 2017

Dr. Suzanne Humphries explains how vaccines became the norm in modern medicine. She also explains why you rarely hear about any risks or dangers associated with them. 11 more words


The Fresno Killer, Media Lies, and Jihadi Privilege

April 25, 2017

The Fresno Killer, Media Subterfuge, and Jihadi Privilege

By William Sullivan

The Los Angeles Times reported that last week, a gunman by the name of Kori Ali Muhammad “stalked the streets of Fresno, fatally shooting three white men outside the Catholic Charities building with a .357 revolver.” Muhammad, a self-proclaimed “black soldier” with a belief that there is “a war going on between blacks and whites” who refers to white people as “devils” in anti-white tirades on social media, allegedly shouted “Allahu akbar” just prior to surrendering to police. 1,038 more words

The Media's Take on Hillary's First 100 Days....if she had won

Daily the media bashes President Trump and all he “hasn’t done” in the First 100 Days (in the latest graphs coming out we see 87% negative coverage by the media). 1,266 more words

Political Humor

Maxine Waters campaign pays her daughter $750,000 to send mailers – slams Ivanka’s UNPAID job with dad

While Democrats like Congresswoman Maxine Waters slam President Trump for hiring his Wharton-educated daughter Ivanka as an UNPAID assistant, her own daughter has raked in more than $600,000 working for Maxine’s campaign. 934 more words