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Facebook Part I

I find you all dedicated. I see everything is synchronized with the patterns of what is being subjected in the mainstream media and videos. The flow goes on generating new images, ideas, and thoughts every single day. 63 more words

Valley of Shadows preview

Premiering today in Norwegian cinemas is Valley of Shadows, a gothic thriller with elements of mystery and perhaps the supernatural. The debut film of director Jonas Matzow Gulbrandsen has received favourable reviews. 794 more words


The HP ZBook x2 is a chunky, stupidly powerful tablet for creatives

(Source: www.stuff.tv)

Victory on the mainstream tablet battleground often comes down to size and weight. Light, impossibly thin devices reign supreme in these conflicts. HP’s ZBook x2 is not, by any means whatsoever, a mainstream tablet, and the spec-hungry creative who buys one likely won’t be holding it over their face while watching The Defenders in bed. 113 more words


Occupied 2 preview

Currently showing on Viaplay is the second season of Occupied, the Norwegian science fiction drama that is based on an idea by The Snowman… 822 more words


Nottingham's Own Brand - Inside COW a visual guide

Nottingham’s Own Brand from Molly Keyworth on Vimeo.


Nottingham's Own Brand

Hockley is bringing individuality back

Nottingham is the home of some of the greatest and longest running brands and designs in the country. Once the centre of the world’s lace industry, the Lace Market thrived in the 19th century and is known the world over. 580 more words


Cover Reveal of my new book

Okay, so here it is, especially for you… The Cover of my upcoming book – The Fragile Thread of Hope. If you like it, please do share it with your friends and help spread the word. Thanks. :)