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Assalam Alaikum,

When we hear of the word HIJAB most people subconsciously incline it towards women but the truth of the matter is while Hijab has been commonly inclined towards the sisters, brothers alike have the duty of wearing a Hijab which is to “LOWER YOUR GAZE” and when talking about lowering the gaze, it doesn’t only imply to what/who we see on the streets it also affects what/who see on our smartphones and other gadgets. 571 more words


Dark Woods 2 preview

“The scariest Norwegian movie ever” is getting its first sequel in October. Dark Woods 2 is a continuation, but with a new cast and a bigger, creepy location. 1,118 more words


Systematic Indulgence of Ideological Lethargy

take the corner
make it quick
turn again
and pick a stick

hand it to head
master’s got you well bent
and whipped out his dick… 134 more words


The Taboo of being Mainstream

We were sitting in the school bus on our way home from school when my class mate told me; “You know you’re not like other girls”. 219 more words


The Establishment News Media

Today, in the U.S. the people do not trust mainstream media and the vast majority of the people do not trust their government. Many pressing issues, like climate change are not being addressed. 1,797 more words

Bad Cops

Let me tell you how the mainstream media works. They sell stories to the public. Time was when the important stories got coverage, but somewhere down the line the news services realized that a simple Ben Franklin list of the stories of the day just wouldn’t work. 359 more words


Mainstream vs Anti-Mainstream

Karena anti-mainstream sudah terlalu mainstream, jadi ya pilih mainstream aja #ngomongopo #lieur – with Widi

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