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Born Pretty Store sticker stencils nail art

Happy May Day! We don’t commemorate it in the state of Australia I live in, but I know other states and countries do, so it’s nice to mention it, I thought. 444 more words

Nail Polish

Monolithic Anything

During Week 6: Native American Representations, I talked about how popular literature at the time used the notion of the “monolithic Indian” to throw Native Americans of all different tribes into an abstract and generalized bunch. 555 more words

Critical Essays

Will the Sequel Ever End?

Sequels are the new norm and cinema and before a movie even leaves theaters. Disney is already planning sequels and release dates for upcoming films like… 347 more words

Film News

Citizens Journalism of Fundamental Importance in a Neo-Sovereign Society

Neo-sovereignism is about populations being in control of their own lives and futures, outside of restrictive political and religious paradigms and oppressive centralized governments and global governance entities. 254 more words


The Indie that I used to know.

2016, the year of the indies going mainstream. Or so I say.
With all the huge mainstream artists going hiatus, it’s the indies time to shine. 281 more words


A Timeline of LGBT Visibility in Mainstream Comics

This timeline includes mainstream comic books with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender characters. The timeline begins after the creation of the 1954 Comics Code Authority and continues half a century to 2004. 1,985 more words


For the Love of Coffee and an Italian Cookie Recipe

Nothing is more perfect than that first cup of morning coffee. Or you can enjoy coffee midday for a pick-me-up, or to cap off the evening alongside a sweet Italian cookie. 535 more words