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Young Thug vs No, My Name Is Jeffery

After initially committing to change his rap moniker to No, My Name Is Jeffery, or simply Jeffery, popular and trendsetting Atlanta based & 300 Entertainment rapper Young Thug dropped off his new project “No, My Name Is Jeffery” on Thursday night. 276 more words


Vegans talk about veganism too much!

Upon occasion, this vegan takes forays into the murky inner city of the land of the unrepentant omnivore. A fascinating travail it is, too. I found a guy who thought humans having incisors and canines “proves” we are “carnivores”. 1,193 more words


Are you a Pop Culture junkie?

Pop Culture (or Popular Culture) is an umbrella term which covers everything and anything popular in the mainstream of any culture. From pictures, movies and videos, to fashion, ideas, attitudes, music and everything in between, the chances are you have not only experienced pop culture, but also contributed to it. 664 more words

Writing Real: Finding Inspiration to Write

If you are new writer, or even an experienced writer, you may have come to realize that writing can be difficult and lonely. You have to sit at a computer and type away, while ignoring phone calls and invitations to come and hang out. 293 more words

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Traingate CCTV analysis shows 'empty' seats aren't empty

So, it goes on.

Last night’s post on Virgin Trains’ claims about Jeremy Corbyn’s supposedly-staged ‘ram-packed’ video has already been the most-read ever published on this blog, the previous daily visit record being broken within the first few daylight hours of today. 843 more words

an authentic state of freedom

I know people who were able to stop their internal dialogue, and they no longer interpret, they are pure perception; they are never disappointed or regretful, because everything they do starts from the center for decisions. 569 more words

Warriors Of Freedom

Mileniálny segment: Ktože je to ten Mileniál?

Mileniálny segment ešte na Slovensku až tak nevyužívame, ale ide o najnovší typ marketingových riešení, ktorý sa používa hlavne v západnom svete. Na Slovensku sa ako marketingové prístupy volia ešte stále tie klasické. 229 more words