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Maintaining an Allergy-free Car Environment

Research has shown that our cars harbor high concentrations of allergens like dust and dander, as well as mold, causing allergies to really flare. Here are some quick tips to prep your car for “Driving Allergy Free”.

Five Truths After Weight Loss

Three years ago I began my journey to getting healthy. Last week I focused on Five Truths About Weight Loss, today I want to talk about maintaining that weight loss. 418 more words


Planning Around My Hard Week

I had to be in the office this week, completely disrupting my exercise schedule. As I mentioned earlier, I shifted to doing my workouts in the evenings the moment I got home from work, then getting on with trumpet practice and dinner and other evening things. 217 more words


Information Need to Know About Air Conditioning Service

When you are not maintaining well, what do you typically do? There are 2 alternatives open for you in such a situation. You either attempt to take some off the counter medicines and view if it helps or if it does not you call your family physician. 133 more words

Survival Guide: Writing & Maintaining a Blog

Well hi there and welcome to the first post on my Survival guide series!! *paused for applause* Okay, so for my first instalment in this series i wanted to talk about a topic that has been highly highly requested and that is how to survive writing and maintaining a blog. 578 more words


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ik 108
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Elfje and haiku :
Buy Less?

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