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The Fire

It burns. Brighter now, sometimes dimmer but stays alight. Far away or near to hand it burns. With tongues that make feral whatever they touch, the fire is its own master. 249 more words


Friendship is a Two-Way Street | Advice + Struggles


I am so glad that this image above really does speak out about what this whole post is about!

In all my years of failed friendships due to my part of not keeping in touch often, I have realized that friendship, like any relationship, is a two-way street that needs to be open, otherwise there is no point. 741 more words

Fleeting Mermaid

Maintaining Calorie Intake

I m 43 years of age a big day of exercise can really take it out of me. We all […]

MASH - Maintaining Ep 1 (Video)

Maintaining Episode 1, which features clips from MASH’s performance at the House of Blues SD. The episode also features Behind the Scenes from the Higher video + MASH recording a new verse.

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Maintaining Ongoing Communication

Keeping lines of communication open with past and present clients is a job in and of itself. In the following interview, Regal Realty International Broker/Owner Ericka Thomas de No offers insight on achieving and maintaining customer loyalty, and more. 25 more words


Provide: v. to maintain and/or to encourage by giving a subset(s).

You can provide a family with money, information, goods, and services and you can also provide emotional help when needed. 122 more words

Common Sense


Prosecute: v. to start and maintain legal action against a human(s)

If you are being prosecuted for a crime in criminal or civil court there is no guarantee of how long it will take, especially if you can afford good lawyers who can stall or delay prosecutions sometimes almost indefinitely or can plea bargain to a lesser offense. 174 more words

Common Sense