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Fitting Forty: All for Health's Sake

An integral part about getting older is really being conscious about your health and well being. Let’s face it, you are no spring chicken and your body sends subtle (and no so subtle) hints this is the case. 932 more words


IN THE NIGHT:Maintenance

Realities of maintaining:

  1. Maintain a relationship with just about anyone when your caught up in work and school is impossible 
  2. Maintaining a balance life is like maintaining your stress when your under pressure 
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Fitting Forty: Radiate from Fear

One of my favorite things to do to unwind from the day is binge watch. Netflix and other streaming services knew they were on to something! 888 more words

Keeping Pace

5k words in 7 days.

A surprisingly effective day of writing yesterday netted 1k words towards the hard deadline for “Blue.”

I could have pushed myself to do more, but an un-panicked pace must be maintained if sanity is to be kept… the ridiculousness of this statement is matched only by its utter truth. 10 more words


How Dare I?

I maintained this week. I expected a huge gain, like 4 pounds, but I was exactly the same. The reason I expected a gain is because I wasn’t counting calories and exercising to exhaustion every day, which my previous 14 years of experience had led me to believe is the only way to not gain. 261 more words