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Spittelau—Hundertwasser at home

Back in July 2012, I wrote about this building, the Maishima waste incineration plant in Osaka, Japan, designed by Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser: 315 more words

Maishima Incineration Plant

As I mentioned in my other post, there are two building or facility that has some weird design in Maishma, this one is the Incineration plant. 281 more words

Life In Japan

Maishima Sludge Center

If you have been to Kansai International Airport in Japan, you might have noticed two very distinct towers along the way.

One is color blue and that is what I’m going to blog about. 260 more words

Life In Japan

Maishima Lily Garden

In June I visited the lily garden in Maishima, sadly it was nearly the end of the season so a lot of flowers were past their best. 174 more words


Challenging Sunday and Lilies

When I found out about the new Lily Park in Maishima, Osaka , I suggested another meetup activity for it. I think I posted the event early May and by last Friday there were more than 40 people who registered to the event. 981 more words

Life In Japan

Maishima Incineration Plant, Osaka, Japan

One of the reasons we like Hundertwasser is because he made boring things interesting. Look at this incineration plant in Osaka, Japan. If someone asked me to guess what was this building for, I would probably guess it’s an apartment, or a hotel, or maybe a museum. 115 more words


山 yama—mountain

天保山 Tenpozan is the lowest mountain in Japan. And that’s official.

At 4.53 metres above sea level (hey, every centimetre counts!) it is undeniably low. You don’t need to worry about altitude sickness, when standing at the summit of Tenpozan. 767 more words