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Blind Item Revealed -- Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner

This B-list actress in on one of the biggest shows in the world, but whilst her B-list co-star is being offered tons of high profile and high paying roles, our less traditionally attractive B-list actress is struggling to find high calibre work outside of it. 319 more words

Blind Items Revealed

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, NY Times 2015

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, New York Times Photoshoot 2015


Maisie Williams, BAFTA Photoshoot 2016

Maisie Williams, William Callan Photoshoot, BAFTA Tea Party September 2016


Early Man (2018)

It’s not quite one of their bests but even a mid-level Aardman movie still presents enough pleasures to justify one viewing. Early Man is in that big-eyed, big-toothed stop-motion clay animation style they’re renowned for, so it makes even more visual sense that we’re following cavemen. 191 more words


Early Man - Review


It’s hard to turn down seeing an Aardman feature in theaters because the animation style is so beautiful, yet so simple. But noting that Nick Park hadn’t directed a feature film under their name since he gave Wallace and Gromit their own, I could only expect that Aardman was set to rise up properly after a string of mediocre films that had come along since Flushed Away (with Shaun the Sheep being the notable exception). 639 more words

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Flash Movie Review: Early Man

IT ALL STARTED WITH SEA GLASS. Seeing children bent over picking at the ground like hungry chickens, they were searching the beach for bits of glass that had been polished for years by the ocean. 585 more words