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Farm photography: Flying green mealies!

I woke up early this morning to capture ‘Green Mealies’ (maize) being harvested and loaded onto trucks, bound for the Durban market! Green mielies are a firm favourite for South Africans. 174 more words


Maya Milpa Workshop at OSU's Waterman Farm

Last Friday and Saturday, we hosted a workshop that invited students, faculty, and staff from Ohio State (as well as new friends from Kenyon College) to learn about Mayan milpa agriculture (maize farming) and reflect on how it may serve as a model for rethinking farming here in Ohio. 134 more words


Fokača-ātrā itāliešu maize šoreiz lielajā pannā.

Vasara klāt un gribas uzturā lietot vairāk salātus,dārzeņus ,izvilkt grilu un uzcept kādu marinētu gaļas gabalu.Fokača ir ļoti ērta un pie tam vēl dekoratīva piedeva pie salātiem  ,grila ēdieniem dažādos dārza pasākumos.Rauga mīklu var iejaukt vakarā,ielikt ledusskapī,no rīta izņemt ,ielikt panniņā, ļaut uzrūgt un cept.Jo visgaršīgākā fokača ir tikko cepta.Šī recepte ir domāta lielajai cepeškrāsns pannai uz 15 -20 cilvēkiem.Es šoreiz cepu pusnormu no receptes. 364 more words


TAREKS' New maize variety TK DORUK

TAREKS, a subsidiary of the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, which is a public institution, has started its R&D activities in 1987 and gives new varieties to Turkey in different features and different types. 188 more words


Coincidence or Conspiracy?

I have learned over 47 years that there is a 90% chance that there is no such thing as Coincidence while every day someone, somewhere conspires something, and while most of these acts are nefarious in nature, some are not. 1,084 more words


Mahangu pap (Oshifima )


To make traditional Namibian Pap (Oshithima/Oshifima/Oshimbombo) you will need:

  • 1cups white mielie meal / cornmeal / maize meal.
  • 3 cups Mahangu meal
  • water

To make the Pap (Oshithima): 145 more words

Farmers Need Long-Term and Short-Term Solutions to Combat Fall Armyworm in Kenya

Reblogged from Farming First.

From a distance, Wycliffe Ngoda’s two acres of shiny green maize crops look healthy and lush. But the tell-tale holes in the leaves and debris on the stems give away an increasingly dangerous secret hidden in more and more maize fields across Kenya and sub-Saharan Africa. 684 more words

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