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Another majestic sunset...

…just look at those swirly, gently coloured clouds, layer upon layer:

I just love the view from my kitchen when the sky is looking good!


Lion Dreams

The sun is setting in the sky, it casts a yellow hue over mye eyes. I close my eyelids to feel the breaze, I listen for sounds, the sounds of rustle in the leaves. 171 more words

Short Stories


My brother and I have been saying for a while now that the new Waitrose Blueprint wine range seems similar, in idea, to the Majestic Wine… 111 more words

Below the Surface

I can definitely see why a whole ballet was created about swans. They are such graceful and majestic birds. Yet there is a lot more to this intriguing creature than meets the eye. 162 more words

8 Oranges In Malacca


Wandering around as if in a sauna, the humidity is so high, eating cake because? Well, because it’s so utterly delicious, so, yes, getting fatter by the second. 774 more words



Your light gives me power

that no other can imagine.

The day goes well with your kin

when you visit with no cower.

Your divine presence gives me a friend… 87 more words