An Angel In Purgatory

The MLB Winter Meeting’s in Las Vegas, was for the most part, a snooze. As organization’s gear up for the 2019 season, we have seen the continuation of teams entering their respective rebuilding phase and other team’s piling talent for a season run. 685 more words


HOT STOVE 2018-19: Winter Meetings Recap

For five days, the who-is-who in MLB general managers, baseball ops bigwigs, agents, free agents, journalists, and other guys wearing lanyards invaded the sleepy desert town of Las Vegas to cut deals and circulate rumours. 1,757 more words


Jerry Dipoto, 21st Century Bull Moose

Seattle Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto just pulled the baseball equivalent of a Teddy Roosevelt.

On October 14, 1912, our 26th president was shot in the chest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and delivered a 90-minute speech before accepting medical attention. 113 more words

Cleveland Indians

Montreal is ready and willing to welcome Major League Baseball team: study

There is not only strong interest from local fans and businesses in bringing back a professional baseball team to Montreal, but the project would be viable in the long run, according to a new study commissioned by prominent investors. 323 more words


Third Time's a Charm?

Credit: USA Today Sports

It’s been discussed many a time but it’s always worth throwing out there every few weeks: don’t expect the Kansas City Royals to be busy this winter. 1,476 more words


Mets fans and the slow pace of Baseball: Fans trapped in time

Baseball is a slow paced game. There are no shot clocks, no running out the time with a big lead. 

New York City is a fast paced environment. 485 more words


Tanking, superteams, and the conspicuously quiet MLB Winter Meetings

by Paul West

Top-heaviness in professional sports leagues is not a new phenomenon.

From 1980 to 1991, the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA’s Western Conference an astounding nine times, winning the title five times; the… 942 more words

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