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My Fourteenth Published Writing: Poem "My Generation"

On July 19, Flashes of Brilliance, associated with WritingForums.com, published my poem “My Generation.” Go check it out at the Flashes of Brilliance website… 180 more words


Every Pro-Socialist in America Needs to Watch This

Congressman Nick Freitas is not only telling the truth but speaking totally off the cuff.

That’s why I’m looking forward to the Trump-Biden Presidental debates that most likely won’t happen “Because, You Know The Thing.”


President Trump is a hero, while Demorats are big ZEROS!!

Let’s be clear here. President Trump cares about ordinary American citizens who are struggling right now due to the Demoratemic China Virus. Demorats do not care about ordinary Americans, but care ONLY about cementing their power and control over America and completing the transformation of America first alluded to in 2008 by then candidate Barack Obama. 395 more words

If We Lose John Locke, We Lose America

Most of us learned the key ideas of the Declaration of Independence in school: that “all men are created equal,” are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,” and that government’s job is “to secure these rights.” 26 more words


Biden / Angelou 2020 — Let’s Do Better!

By Michael P Coleman

There’s a buzz around presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s pick for a running mate. He’s rumored to be preparing an announcement for next week. 889 more words

Is it enough yet?

The current COVID-19 death toll in the United States is 157, 119.

Donald Trump’s recent interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan is a worldwide embarrassment.  In case you missed the highlights: 269 more words