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Project: Duvet to dog bed.

This is a really simple project making use of an old and lumpy duvet.

I took a double duvet and cut it down to the width I wanted, folded it into thirds to give it extra padding.   230 more words


From Duvet to Dog bed.

About two years ago we changed our duvet – it was many years old, getting a bit lumpy and I wanted to move up from a double to a king size.   341 more words


The Year of Nakedness is Upon Us! (Kind of...)

Hello my little Blogerino’s!

Before we get in to the excitement of crafts and wonder, I wanted to share with you some of my aims for this year and the direction of the blog. 398 more words

Open Workshop Night at the Remakery

Wow, I have really neglected the blog for a while :( But I have a new list of free things to share here, starting with… something I came across almost by accident today. 227 more words


Happy (Nothing) New Year

Towards the end of last year I blogged that I was thinking about making 2017 a ‘buy nothing new’ year for me and the girls. I got masses of enthusiastic support from friends both online and in real life, and so I have decided to go for it. 735 more words

Domestic Life

I Fixed My Shoes or: They Want Us to be Useless.

I have a dog (doggo, pupper, choose your own linguistic adventure). My dog used to be a puppy, and back in those halcyon days of chubby-bummed pictures and toilet training (a.k.a. 284 more words

The Human Brain

'Make do and mend'

I’ve woefully neglected this blog lately.  Partly from lack of time, partly because when my old computer died, it took a lot of material with it.   808 more words

Family History