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Decorated Clothes Pegs DIY

With the (mostly) summery weather in England at this time of year, it is nice to hang the laundry in the garden to dry. The humble clothes peg comes in to its own in the summer, a very simple tool that does the job perfectly! 196 more words

Summer Jeans

Found these nice light striped jeans in the clearence section for only a £10 ,bargain, loved the colour and pattern but not the wide leg cut or the un-hemmed framed bottom. 68 more words


A Sewing Story

When houses are cleared, belongings are sorted and items redistributed, sewing paraphernalia seems to be overlooked. Low intrinsic value is the most probable explanation, but to me, an individual’s sewing kit/box/basket is quite a personal item. 719 more words

Tattler lids 2

Ladybug has gone to a brownie scout meeting so I’ve got a little time to answer comments and write a post.  In the last post I talked badly about a product before giving the company a chance to investigate the problem. 623 more words


Attention Tattler Lid Users

I use the Tattler reusable lids for canning. The last four batches of meat and two batches of beans that I’ve canned have had to be thrown away.   406 more words