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D I (Here's) Why!

John and I are very make do and mend.  The idea of throwing something away because it’s old or for newer technology does not sit well with us.  597 more words

Car, Caravans, Classics And Clubs

Shopping at 90

This column is my latest published by EN4 and EN5 newsletters.

At about 50 I gave up acquiring clothes. I was unwrapping a late Christmas gift, and there was yet another damned top. 554 more words

I do not own a single mason jar.

My counter tops aren’t stripped bare; I don’t have a cupboard full of matching glass containers with chalkboard paint labels, or wooden scrubbing brushes, or bamboo travel utensils, or matching produce bags/tea towels made from organic cotton. 364 more words

Zero Waste

Not always a bridesmaid dress

Growing up as an only one of only ones, the chances of me being a bridesmaid were very slim, but I was finally lucky to be bridesmaid for one of my Mum’s bridesmaids (who was also my Nanna’s goddaughter) when I was 11. 878 more words


Unravelling The Past

My mum kindly sat and unravelled an old knitting project that I had started a while a go and never gotten round to finishing.  I’ve decided to attempt to make myself a free-form jumper.   175 more words

a broom of her own

Brooms have become tools of great importance in our lives. I remember having dinner with some friends from India last year, and they were describing the differences they noticed between daily life in India and that in the United States. 604 more words

Little Ones

pinterest is bad

Girls, have you seen the Pinterest fails? You know, the professional Pinterest photo somebody saw of a perfect crafting experience and its lovely outcome . . 714 more words

Make Do And Mend