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Pixie Soft Toppers

When I first starting costuming again I wanted to have something I could take around to festivals.  It couldn’t take up alot of room in baggage as I was travelling using public transport and for those with lots of hair pieces, dreads and elf locks  could wear without too much of an issue. 313 more words


Meck do and mend - Granny Chic finds the chic-less Gran

A piece of Granny Chic

When it first was handed over, it was described as a garden full of primroses, which was a nice way of saying it, as I’m one of those people who follow primrose paths and wear rosy-tinted specs and other similar metaphors. 462 more words

There's a time for making and a time for mending...

A little advice inspired by Ecclesiasties there, A time to to tear and a time to mend. I had an hour spare for sewing but with no project ready and cut out I was rooting in my sewing wardrobe for something to do on the machine. 280 more words


Conscientious Mending

BabyBoy and I were watching  a couple of episodes of The Hoarder Next Door this week and aside from the great sadness that is sparked in both of us, there was something else that really bothered us. 556 more words


The Great Granny B Edition

Grandma only had one Grandparent alive when she was growing up, and here is what she has to say about Great Great Granny B:

“Granny Boyle dad’s mother. 267 more words

Yes I can darn socks

 I darned my lovely homemade socks, They should have been mended along time ago before they got so bad .

The time and effort in making them makes them worth mending plus they are so warm and comfy for the winter .

Why Urban. Domestic. Eco-Warrior

It’s not a very catchy title but it does raise a few eyebrows and some laughs.  I’m not entirely sure if people are laughing at me or with me when they hear it.   618 more words

Domestic Living