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Nothing boils my blood more than food wastage.  Especially if it is nutritious and yummy.  So I take it upon myself to rectify food wastage where I can.   754 more words

Fashion on the Ration

On Sunday I went to the Fashion on the Ration exhibition at the Imperial War Museum – I know I’m a bit late to the party as it’s in its closing week, but I kept forgetting to book tickets. 1,163 more words


Animal hospital

Today’s first sewing priority.

Doggy has a loose ear.
This is a major incident in our house.
I’ve lost count of the number of ears and limbs I’ve re attached to the boys special friends. 19 more words


What we can all learn from Bristol's Boaters

I’m new to boats. Two months ago my partner and I got our hands on a lovely but neglected narrowboat. In my investigations into what boat life would be like, I was daunted by the constant repairs that boats demand. 758 more words


The Three R's

I’ve been working on my ‘new to me’ bureau this past week and it got me thinking. Am I recycling or upcycling here? I began to question whether I actually knew the definition of either, or the difference between the two, so I decided to do a little investigation.  424 more words


Fashion on the Ration

Earlier this week I visited the Fashion on the Ration exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, London.  The exhibition charts the war years and its impact on the nation’s dress; from luxurious couture to uniform and utility wear and much more.  606 more words

Fashion History & Exhibitions

How To... mend socks.

Mending socks was a common practice until recently. Simply, the tools for mending and the few minute spent working were costing far less than a new pair of socks, especially in the days when you had to knit new socks yourself. 434 more words

How To...