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Wood, sweat and tears

You know when you do those things that seem like a really great idea at the time, but then half way through you wish you’d never started? 403 more words

DIY Bedroom Makeover.

After successfully re-decorating of our bathroom, I was already talking about moving on to the next project – and, more than a year later, I’ve finally managed it. 715 more words


Make do and Mend

I came across a lovely set of ‘Make do and Mend’ leaflets from WW2. It’s a lovely insight into how we managed with little resources and to make do with what was already available. 114 more words

Selvedge Fair in Pendle this September

A real highlight of picking up my post is the arrival of the latest issue of Selvedge magazine, a thing of beauty that delves into textiles – their heritage, uses and contemporary applications. 45 more words


A little red sun hat

Last night while my son lay sleeping on the bed next to me I was silently stitching a small patch over a hole in a sun hat. 375 more words

Scrimping with Style

In an article I wrote for Native Magazine last week, I reflected on how the greatest compliment I’ve ever received was being told by a complete stranger passing me in the street that she loved my style.  690 more words

House 'maintenance'

Dear Readers: It’s The Mom..apologizing again for my screw-up. In my bleary-eyed state, I accidentally pressed the ‘publish’ function a day early so you will see two blogs published on one day. 754 more words

Moving Home