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House 'maintenance'

Dear Readers: It’s The Mom..apologizing again for my screw-up. In my bleary-eyed state, I accidentally pressed the ‘publish’ function a day early so you will see two blogs published on one day. 754 more words

Moving Home

Hidden treasure 

I found this in amongst my cookbooks in the attic and I’m in love!

A bower bird for Baby

With lots of bits and bobs left over from my rainbow baby blanket projects, I started scouting around for something else I could make as a gift for the Little One. 963 more words

Learning from History Part 2- Special Care Items

Getting ready for the new windows and siding interfered with working more on this series.  Then the sewing machine was gone for 3 weeks so I haven’t been able to apply the one item I wanted to try out on the new dress pants I had got for a conference yet. 300 more words

Mending: Space Dress Edition

It’s no secret that I love my space print Lilou. So much so that I am seriously thinking about making another space printed Lilou… 138 more words


Palette Potting Bench

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen my latest palette make already.  The glass for my shiny new greenhouse came encased in wood for protection, so once it had been assembled I was left with some spare wood.   254 more words

Learning from History- Part 1 Followup

Here is the follow-up on what I learned last time.

As for closet organization, I took some measurement of the shelves that are in my closet.  427 more words