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On discombobulation and why slacktivism's okay

Last week, I was having a bit of a blah week. I’d go so far as to say I was feeling a bit directionless and discombobulated. 308 more words


My letter to the Premier


A lot of people (2 people, but I have low standards) seemed to like my post about the teacher’s strike, so in addition to writing to my local newspaper last week (which I would encourage you, dear reader, to do as well), I thought I would post the email which I sent to our ineffable premier this morning! 204 more words

Just Me

The Magic Button of OK

This is really absolutely the worst time of school year.

There’s one month left and all I want to do and throw all of my stuff down and spurt magical fire over them while screaming “Screw school!” Procrastination has never been worse and I’ve been wasting most of my time mashing the magical… 107 more words


I Stumbled Upon This Blog Post: Cupcakes Paint Space and Make Everything Okay

Yes, it’s one of those days. It’s a Stumble Day!!! Every now and then, I must give my mind a break and just explore the digital world with the help of… 363 more words


Make Everything Ok

The time is now 18:30.

At 9.30 tomorrow morning I have a two-hour archaeology exam.
At 13:00 tomorrow I must submit a 2,500 word essay and an 1,000 history assignment. 55 more words