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Soul - Feed Your Soul

There are so many questions that I’ve asked myself. What am I doing here? What is my life purpose? Is there any life after death? I did find out some interesting things that I’ve found comfort in, but the real thing is that I will only live once, at least in this life :) So I better make it count! 143 more words


What would you say if you only had 60 seconds to say it?

I’ve read stuff about what people would say to their dogs if, magically, their dogs could understand them perfectly, for 60 seconds.

I’d say,

‘Stop jumping on humans and nosing them in the crotch! 655 more words


Stepping Out

There are some weeks that by the time Wednesday rolls around I feel ready for an extra long nana-nap.

Work turns to procrastination…checking emails, social media platforms, websites, sales reports, even housework becomes an appealing alternative to getting the job done. 241 more words


Stop the bitchin'

I would like to start off by saying thank you to whoever created daylight savings.  My daughter (who’s 16 months) went to sleep at 11pm last night, so thank you for messing it all up! 516 more words


Tired...but Motivated

Tired….yah me too! It was a busy Monday and Tuesday.

Yesterday I felt like a zombie – literally! I’ve been so slammed at work (it’s payroll budgeting plus processing – not fun) and Monday night was brutal. 430 more words

Make It Count