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One of the very first Bible stories I remember hearing when I was a child was the story of the Good Samaritan. If you are unfamiliar with this parable, it was a story Jesus told (Luke 10:29-37) about a Jewish traveler who is stripped of his clothes, beaten, and left half dead on the side of the road. 701 more words

Feel Good Friday - Dark Chocolate

A “holiday” such as Valentine’s Day is really challenging as a Diabetic. The sweets, especially the chocolate ones, are in abundance, and since its on the tail end of Winter, it’s really easy to want to reach for decadent chocolate! 139 more words


Slow and steady, y'all.

This just in: “Slow and steady IS a valid pace of life”!

Reductress makes me giggle on a daily basis, and this article gave me a special amount of joy since it’s a hilarious bit of satire that, at the same time, makes me say, “No, but really.” Slow can be the sweetest. 35 more words

Life Thoughts

Make it count!

In this article, the reader will gain an understanding for what it means to work with passion and purpose. By explaining 10 ideas from a specific TedX speech, the reader will walk away with action items for doing work they are passionate… … 417 more words


Only words . . .

The manipulative egg timer and the mystic magnolia bush.

Great phrases aren’t they?

Have you got a mental picture?

I certainly did, the first time I heard them. 185 more words

Aren't Words Wonderful