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Make it Count: My Systematic Focus for Practicing Handlettering

Finding time when there seems to be none. This can be very difficult. I can honestly say the only way I’ve found more “time in a day” 1,034 more words

Two Questions for Life change

In my recent book, Make It Count, I discuss six character traits that make for a greater life that lives and leaves a legacy. One of those traits is authenticity. 617 more words


"Everything Plays Its Part, Just Notice."

Hi, Amazing World!

Has it ever occurred to you that throughout life we get to meet an incredible number of people and most of them play this or that role in what we are now? 502 more words


Enjoy yourself. That’s what your 20s are for.

I have recently turned 21 years of age and I will not even try to hide the fact that I was freaking out. I was worried about receding hairline, wrinkles, what creams to use, and about life in general because I truly believe I haven’t found myself. 650 more words


I have noticed something on this sunny, happy-feeling Easter Sunday morning.

Although we don’t realy “Celebrate” Easter in my house, apart from by eating chocolate, there is a different feeling about the day. 215 more words


In Just a Few Days

Exciting News! My book, Make It Count, releases on April 6. I’m excited and afraid, which is normal when you create something and then put it on public display. 574 more words