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Make It Count

I think you’ve all pretty much worked out that I like to exercise. Indoors. Outdoors. In the water. I like to get my body moving and those who know me very well know that I’m not good if I’ve not released some energy and endorphins. 401 more words

Embrace your youth.

Figuring out your twenties

There comes a time in your life where you begin to reevaluate your friends, school, work, love, life (everything really.)  228 more words

Aimless Chatter

Good Morning! Get the day in "gear" with TMac!

I can think of no better way to start a glorious

(if not chilly – brrr - cue the chattering teeth!)

Winter Thursday morning than with this song from TobyMac. 55 more words


Make it Count!

I’m writing this in a very emotional moment for me. I’m usually not like this. I don’t express my feelings too much. But now I feel that I need to share this, because I’m proud of this… 602 more words


Spiritual Winter - Make it Count

Straight up honesty here, this year has had a crappy beginning for me. I have definitely not had many other years this bad already. Currently, I’m in the midst of close relatives in hospital, a close friend in an abusive relationship and mistakes that resulted in her kids being taken away, my dog is dying, I’ve had to miss a lot of work due to illness, someone else in my life going through depression and I’m one of his only friends, my car needing a lot of maintenance/repair done that I can’t afford, narrowly avoiding a major collision because another driver was driving recklessly, and so many other little things. 577 more words