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See This?

This is me and my own.
My lovely wife and stupid dog.

I’ve got the ‘chequered history’, they haven’t.
They don’t have a bad bone between them. 187 more words


A human life

Something went wrong.
Something went totally wrong when these people grew up.
They were broken or never really made whole.
They didn’t learn about the human life. 145 more words

Wise Words

Pray for Humanity

One Paris Attack and the world loses its mind.

In the meantime, hundreds of innocent civilians in countries like Syria, Lebanon, Gaza lose their lives everyday. 39 more words


One positive thought...

…in the morning, can change the world. World is crazy, and world is full of terrifying events these days, but if everyone radiates just one small positive thought per day, we can already make a difference. 58 more words


An Ad That Adds a Beautiful Message – Make Love, Not War

The most memorable commercials are those that not only promote their product but also convey an important message at the same time. This commercial by… 31 more words


Make Love, Not War

Leave it to us baby boomers to have helped elect for the country a President who wants to make love, not war.

John W. Aldridge in “Time” magazine, 10/19/98


How to Love a Hippie.


To love a hippie is to take a walk into a soul’s garden and stop to smell the flowers.

It’s early morning sunshine stretching across a bed tangled with “I love you’s” and the soft gasps of dreams. 101 more words

Elephant Journal