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Talk of Benovelance

The art of persuasion is the technique where by a person the persuader convinces somebody to do something desired by said persuader. Persuasion has its methods and effectiveness depending on the situation and person using it, so what about a volatile situation where a fight is probably going to break out any moment as the conflict escalates and dissipates in cadence. 369 more words


Ready in three minutes!

We mocked the Government’s advice

to Protect And Survive; to paint

our windows white and hide

beneath the table, if the bombs fell,

like a host of abominable angels… 83 more words


In former times the message was: ‘Make love not war’. Today many things have changed and the message is: ‘Sex Sells’ and ‘Be a Good and Neat Consumer!’ together with ‘Watch and Support the Capital Accumulating!’ 10 more words

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