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Make love not War

Make love not War សូមចែករំលែកសំលេងនេះដល់មនុស្សដែលអ្នកបានស្គាល់ បើសិនអ្នកពេញចិត្តនៅសំលេងនេះ។ Please SHARE this voice to someone you known if you appreciate this voice. សូមសព្វសត្វទាំងអស់រស់នៅមានសុភមង្គល May all being happy http://youtu.be/nc3r7XQLepI… 12 more words

Personal Development

Parents with LGBT children

Dear Parent,

My name is Santoso and I’m a parent of three beautiful children. Well, they are all taller than me now and look much better than my husband and I! 1,050 more words

Save us with ecstasy

Here is one of my favorite ideas for how an extraterrestrial civilization could deal with the mayhem here on Planet Earth. Face it, we have become a nuisance with our unruly, destructive behavior. 1,487 more words


Fighting Fire with Fire is just Feeding the Fire

For those of you who aren’t aware of what’s going on in British politics at the mo, the British government are considering bombing Syria to get rid of an extremist ideology and create peace and order in the world. 419 more words

The Self

See This?

This is me and my own.
My lovely wife and stupid dog.

I’ve got the ‘chequered history’, they haven’t.
They don’t have a bad bone between them. 187 more words


A human life

Something went wrong.
Something went totally wrong when these people grew up.
They were broken or never really made whole.
They didn’t learn about the human life. 145 more words

Wise Words

Pray for Humanity

One Paris Attack and the world loses its mind.

In the meantime, hundreds of innocent civilians in countries like Syria, Lebanon, Gaza lose their lives everyday. 39 more words