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Vegas Shooting - I am so Sad and Devastated with How Much Hate There is in Our World!

Last night I had a terrorizing nightmare that I was running in a big crowd screaming and trying to get away from someone. It spooked me so badly that I couldn’t go back to sleep after I woke from it. 463 more words


People on Sarahah App

Sarahah, which means honesty in Arabic is an anonymous messaging or commentary app getting a hit amongst youngsters these days. I personally don’t find it any different from ask.fm or sayat.me. 313 more words


  1. Make love not war.

    Love has thousands of definition. Every individual define it according to their perceptions. But one thing is for sure, it yields peace and harmonious relationship among people.

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Is being alone better than being lonely? 

It has been a while.I almost forgot to stop and look at my self. Looking every where for the roof of my house and forgot completely that I am still working on the foundation. 229 more words

Searching Within




Perplexed, I was waiting for the sunset

In a dark space with white dreamy curtains

His hands reaching for my waist

I slipped into his arms… 61 more words

The Girl Who was Saturday Night

Book cover: The Girl Who was Saturday Night

Did someone say sex and getting drunk?

This story follows two young reckless twins, Nouschka and Nicolas Tremblay, teenagers of a deceased Quebecois folk singer, they were once simply puppets that their father could use to boost his fame. 742 more words


Songcrafters: Jonathan Rundman and Cliff Hillis

The songcrafter is an artist within the art form, a creator with a particular aptitude for inhabiting any style. They can and do write across genres. 955 more words

Artist Spotlight