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Built Bridges, Not Walls

Someone wrote me this 🙂

“Emang hidup lo udah bener? Sok urusin hidup gue!”

Feel so familiar, right???? 😂 iyaaa pasti lo sebagai manusia biasa sering denger itu (atau sering berkata kayak gitu 😂😂).

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Pray for Brussels and the world

It’s been 3 days since my post of stereotype thinking. It’s been 2 days sinde the terrorists attacks on Brussel. I can tell you for sure: my view has not been changed and I’m glad to see that all the bashing on social media is becoming less too. 333 more words

Hippie, Peace And Love.

Stereotype Thinking

A stereotype is an exaggerated image of people which doesn’t match with reality.
It’s based on: the unknown, generalisation, exxaggeration and simplifying.
Taking one thing and pinning that als THE recognition point of that group. 366 more words

Hippie, Peace And Love.

A People's History of the United Statesl

Liz and I have been reading our much anticipated 150th anniversary edition of The Nation, a liberal publication. I subscribed to the magazine off and on over the years when I was feeling progressive I had hoped at different periods that the socialist projects in Cuba, Vietnam and Africa would take root and bring prosperity. 160 more words

Role Models

Agent 101: Licence To Love

If I were a James Bond,

I’d be Agent 101 – a primitive be-





in love, marital arts and

getting things right. 191 more words