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Bless you my home land.Bless you my home land.Some one some where feel my pain.when some clowns feel the need to bring down an airplane and justify the matter by saying!!!!!!!!!;;;; I have no idea what they will be thinking? 467 more words

Make Love Not War

Today's inspiration

Tragically not even a recent piece of art by Syrian artist Tammam Azzam, but this picture keeps touching me, every time it pops up somewhere and is unfortunately still topical: 91 more words


Built Bridges, Not Walls

Someone wrote me this 🙂

“Emang hidup lo udah bener? Sok urusin hidup gue!”

Feel so familiar, right???? 😂 iyaaa pasti lo sebagai manusia biasa sering denger itu (atau sering berkata kayak gitu 😂😂).

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Pray for Brussels and the world

It’s been 3 days since my post of stereotype thinking. It’s been 2 days sinde the terrorists attacks on Brussel. I can tell you for sure: my view has not been changed and I’m glad to see that all the bashing on social media is becoming less too. 333 more words

Hippie, Peace And Love.

Stereotype Thinking

A stereotype is an exaggerated image of people which doesn’t match with reality.
It’s based on: the unknown, generalisation, exxaggeration and simplifying.
Taking one thing and pinning that als THE recognition point of that group. 366 more words

Hippie, Peace And Love.