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Music Monday - June 5, 2017

Guess what’s kicking off for the summer, beginning today?

A new weekly feature! 333 more words


Easyjet or just regret!

This blog picks up from my previous blog where we arrived at Gran Canaria’s airport to fly home from holiday, back to Southend Airport and we’re waiting to board the flight on their hottest day of the year and I am a shit scared flyer. 1,930 more words

Shit or strawberries

Holiday fun in Gran Canaria continues…woke up on the sofa in my swimming costume with vague memories of Tony snoring in the night and randomly grabbing my costume from the balcony not thinking it was right to lay unclothed on another person’s sofa. 1,776 more words

The wrong trousers

I wake up feeling like my mouth was hijacked in the night and force fed kebabs. My mind immediately connects the following thoughts. Damn those little sausages… Hhhmmm dreamboat. 1,943 more words

Nominated for a Thing

You know those days when there are many things to blog about and you just have no idea what to do? Or is it the my-head-is-full-of-fluff-and-I-have-no-original-ideas thing? 1,172 more words