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Blogging is like the circle of life... where, if we move really fast, we can end up kicking ourselves in our own asses... (or); That last post really made me sound like a right proper enema nozzle...

Here’s the thing… let’s just get the thing out of the way right up front, shall we?… I am a man of many contradictions. I am self-centered with low self-esteem… I am full of myself and full of shit… I am constantly busy and never getting anything done… and so on and so on… 753 more words



Today marks the start of my journey to seek financial freedom using the internet. Everyone, knowing or unknowingly, seeks ways to find financial freedom but very few of us ever find it. 668 more words


22 steps to double your website traffic and lead generation.

Today I discovered my website traffic has quadrupled since December 2014 — and soared to the top 1.5 million US websites according to Alexa. (The prior rank was in the top 3 million). 525 more words


Get Paid to Test Products

Before you buy it…. try it! Get PAID to be a Product Tester. I clare you’ll love it AND the people you share your opinions with will appreciate the heads up! 490 more words

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My Presentation on "Build a Website & Make Money"

These slides belong to a little presentation I gave at Domino English Learning Centre.


5 Simple Steps To Make Money As A Blogger

Anyone can make money blogging; you can even earn enough to quit your present job if you do it right. But you should be careful with books or courses promising to make you rich overnight. 1,001 more words

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