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How to Get Ads for Your Website (4 min read)

Get your Ads up and working for your website by following these 9 easy steps. To start your campaign, go to AdWords.google.com, find the “Get started now” button, and sign up for an AdWords account. 753 more words

Millionaire's Digest

Generate More Traffic Via Social Media Influencing

Word-of-mouth, 20-50% of all purchasing decisions are made from it.  Customers are more likely to respond to endorsements from a person they respect than to advertisements.  844 more words

How to Make Money: Starting to sell on Ebay

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”–Henry David Thoreau

I first joined Ebay about 5 years ago to buy some designer clothes that I saw on there much cheaper than if I had bought it in a store. 451 more words

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Episode 221 "It's Gonna Be Fine"

Episode 221 of Foster the Podcast is up! Comedian Justin Foster and Life Coach Kristie Marie talk to hilarious comedian Drew Lynch (America’s Got Talent), about his and Justin’s recent tour around the country. 63 more words

The Easiest Side Hustle: How I Paid Off Two Credit Cards Last Month

I am always SO skeptical when people offer “side hustles” because I have found that a lot of times it ends up being a lot of work for very little pay or the opportunity just doesn’t pan out in general and I’ve gotten my hopes up for nothing.  652 more words


Myths About Making Money With Your Blog

So you started a blog and now you want to monetize it because let’s be honest anything you put a ton of work into you want a payday for. 1,284 more words