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I was unkissed this weekend. Yes, unkissed.

Kissed in a way that strips away every subpar, “just-okay” kiss you’ve ever had.

The kind that leaves you a little dizzy and light-headed, as if your world has just been officially rocked… and rocked hard.  289 more words

Purple Daisy

“Here Jacqueline, here’s a flower I picked for you,” he slurred as he handed me a limp green stem with a purple daisy on top. One of those flowers that’s probably actually a weed. 862 more words


War Of The Roses Marathon: "Blacked Out"

Anna’s friend Paul put the moves on her the other day. Problem is, he has a girlfriend. When we offer Roses, will he take girl #1 or girl #2? 23 more words


Couple Making Out At Bar Doesn't Notice The Place Is Getting Robbed! [Video]

Love is blind literally in this case, or we can blame it on the alcohol OR my theory, they were in on it!

LOL, Well whatever the case, they sure had no clue as to what was going on around them! 64 more words


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XXX-Dirty Dishes-XXX

Does your partner wash the dishes?

While she is doing dishes (even if its not dishes make and effort when she is washing her face at night or when she’s brushing her teeth, make a romantic moment out of a chore) walk up behind her, wrap your arms around her and caress her. 118 more words