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Post-makeout sickness

Having never exchanged a drop of saliva from another person, the makeout from past week took a toll on me. Let me tell you there was lot tongue action involved ;) It felt like I got shots of multiple vaccines at the same time. 689 more words


Fiction: The Move, Against Lights

“The Move, Against Lights”
Right when comes flashing on from behind lights red and blue, that’s when I make my move. Miranda was not named after Miranda Guinness, remember that. 222 more words


Napoleon: Bar Adventures and Valentine's Day

Last we discussed Napoleon, we had gone on a delightful little sushi date which included a free bottle of hot sake.  Afterward, we hung out at my house for a little bit watching netflix on the couch and had made plans to “talk soon.” 684 more words


How I stole my first kiss?

Whenever someone asked me what was your first kiss like? There would be awkward silence and I would blurt ‘I never really kissed someone’ or ‘I never got the chance too’. 876 more words


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Modern Seinfeld​ Monday: "The Celebrity Make Out" (Pt 2)

Elaine’s too embarrassed to tell Jerry who she made out with at the Gala, but she assures him that the celeb works regularly, has plenty of money, and is considered an A lister. 163 more words


Make out

Seriously??? I’m going to have to go with no…. 

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