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clock work, final

last night/ going into the early hours of the morning, I had my last bender….for now. Whose to say it won’t happen again in the future. 1,663 more words


Clock work pt.2

so it happened again. Last night. But more happened.

We’re laying down in the bed facing each other. The tension building. She reaches out and runs her hand through my hair. 532 more words


clock work

It was un-fucking real. 6 months ago I would have never believed that this could happen. I would have laughed at myself for making such a hysterical joke. 1,430 more words


The Five Year Pursuit

Take a step back in time with me to more or less than six years ago. It was a time of self exploration and development; a time of fervor and immoderation; a time of edification and apprenticeship – it was college. 1,502 more words


#TheDownLow with #LucyLopez - Madonna Talks About Drake. #NotCuteForDrake

Madonna got everybody talking last month at the Coachella Music Festival when MADE OUT  with Drake. We just didn’t know what Madonna thought about the kiss that broke instagram… until now! 20 more words


10 Women Confess The Most Embarrassing (But Educational) Thing That's Happened To Them During Sex

“Queafing is a reality, but it’s not a reality people like to acknowledge until they’re well into dating. As a college freshman, during my one-night-stand streak, I was hooking up with this guy from my creative writing workshop—an intellectual type who dressed well and always had insightful feedback—and I queafed in his face while he was eating me out. 1,020 more words

Day 54

This morning, Luke came barging into my room at 7:30 AM with a drink and a bullhorn to wake all of us up for Festivus, which is a campus-wide party that starts ridiculously early in the morning and everybody gets hammered and wrestles in the mud. 399 more words