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Argan Oil

If you are looking for an amazing product that is worth it’s weight in GOLD- try Argan oil! 100% organic without the fillers. Women in Morrocco have been known to have amazing skin and hair- the secret is out! 66 more words

Make Over.

Was discharged today. And I want to feel drastically different, well physically. I had some of my hair shaved off and I ordered a new spectacles frame. 52 more words


Farmicure (the newest look in fashion)

Back when I was a full time model I always had my nails done in a stylish and versatile French manicure.  My face was covered with foundation to even out my skin tone (freckles) and I always had my hair done.  121 more words


Get ready for summer!  Get up and Go! Simple Beauty 

I hate spending hours getting ready! I want to be able to get up and go at the drop of a hat! I love PuckerMeUp products because they are simple and can get you out the door with their adorable earrings, Argan oil and amazing lip line! 60 more words

PuckerMeUp- simplify your beauty routine!  On the go glam for crazy mom's like me!

The entire line is centered around a quick look without all of the products that you need time to apply! As mom’s, business women and housewives, we don’t always have the time to trim, buff, prime, polish, tease, and blot! 105 more words

Make Me Up!

I love make up. It’s a fairly new love, only about a year or so. However, because I had a poorly paying job for a long time and then unemployment for a decent amount of time, I haven’t been able to truly embrace my make up love. 307 more words


Berry and Blue FOTD

Hello world! Hope you all had a nice week / weekend. I can’t say this week was my best… I’ve been so exhausted lately as I run on very little sleep (not by choice!). 297 more words