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Hey She’s!!!

I am overly enthusiastic to announce that Inbetweenshes, has had a makeover!!! You can reach this blog, by now typing http://www.inbetweenshes.com, in the address bar of your browser!!! 44 more words


I'm on Fire!

I love watching inspirational stuff.  Today these two items totally revved me up.  I’m ready for rebirth.  I’m ready to express the true me!

First this: 199 more words

Life Journey

Random Topic: New Looks, New life

Ever since I was younger, personal hygiene was not my forte. I bathe regularly but other than that, I don’t do anything to maintain cleanliness. I rarely brushed my teeth nor flossed. 554 more words


PRODUCT REVIEW: Make Over Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick in Urban Rouge (014) [oyin arini]

Halo, ini postingan blog pertama di blog aku yang baru. Kenalin, namaku Oyin, 26 years old. Udah lama sih sebenernya pengen bikin beauty blog, cuma terkendala kemalasan aja makanya baru kejadian sekarang. 490 more words


Make over that headline

What do the editors at Yahoo! Makers make? Mistakes! This headline needs a make over to change the noun makeover to the phrasal verb make over:


How to Save Big on the Little Things (Part 2)

It’s fun to save money. One reason is because I take pride in finding a good deal and knowing patience equals dollars. Another reason it’s fun is because saving money sometimes means reinventing something. 506 more words


[Tutorial Video] Alis Buntung to the Rescue!

Halo semua!

Siapa yang tidak berani keluar rumah sebelum menggambar alis terlebih dahulu?

*angkat tangan*

Kalau ada yang follow aku di instagram tentu sudah tahu ya kalau aku sangat-sangat sangat terobsesi pada alisku. 389 more words

Make Up