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Cardboard Challenge

At our after school club, Make Stuff, preparations are underway to host a Cardboard Challenge inspired by Caine’s Arcade and the Imagination Foundation. The students made a lot of progress, and I think we’ll be able to start promoting by the end of the week. 6 more words

Middle School


I like to make stuff. So I made a fall bucket list and a fall project list printable. Each has two versions, one blank and one partially filled in if you need a little inspiration to create your own lists. 77 more words

Make Stuff

You Have the Option of Doing Nothing

I’m quite keen on the idea of my friends pursuing their creative interests. I can be a cheerleader, a patron, a sounding board, and a social media cog. 206 more words


Go Ye Forth and MAKE

For the last few days, I have been voraciously consuming a new (at least to me) series on youtube. That in itself is not so odd; I watch a lot of youtube these days. 520 more words



The spectacle, the edge, the layers, the depth…it’s been missing from this city. The sound is back. Thanks Daniel.

Planning A Blog Planner

Blogging makes me happy. I like writing, I’m proud of 90% of what I’ve written here and when I know what I’m doing I look forward to writing in this space. 300 more words

I Dig What I Do

Be Creative

There is a positive thing about being pregnant. It gets my creative juices flowing like they’ve never done before. It kind of feels like that extra brain in my body is accessable too :-) It can also be the product of having to much time to spend on pinterest. 369 more words

Hippie, Peace And Love.