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Planning A Blog Planner

Blogging makes me happy. I like writing, I’m proud of 90% of what I’ve written here and when I know what I’m doing I look forward to writing in this space. 340 more words

I Dig What I Do

Be Creative

There is a positive thing about being pregnant. It gets my creative juices flowing like they’ve never done before. It kind of feels like that extra brain in my body is accessable too :-) It can also be the product of having to much time to spend on pinterest. 369 more words

Hippie, Peace And Love.

Game Boy Zero?

There have been a whole bunch of these mods floating around lately but this probably the best one i’ve seen!

Youtube user wermy has created what he has dubbed The Gameboy Zero – powered by a… 29 more words

Moped Guy Rides Again!

Spring brought sun and cherry blossoms to the Northwest, swiftly followed by rain and wind to knock both from view.

Both were fun while they lasted. 61 more words


The Birth Of A Wooden House!

The folks over at John Neeman Tools have released this brilliant video of their crew helping one of their craftsmen (jacob) build a wooden house using mostly hand tools and no screws. 836 more words

Make Stuff

Drone TED talk!

This is an interesting TED talk about some of the new drones that Autonomous systems expert Raffaello D’Andrea has been working on.

From a flying wing that can hover and recovers from flight disturbances with ease to a cube like craft with 8 propellers that isn’t worried about which orientation it travels in. 27 more words

Future Technology

Miniature architecture!

Matthew Simmonds has been carving miniature architectural forms from blocks of stone to represent the different types of architecture mostly found in medieval buildings.

Pulling from his clearly extensive knowledge and understand he’s created amazing pieces of art that would scale up and fit in perfectly with many sites around the world. 81 more words