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Trying Beauty Trends - Oval Brushes

Gone are the days where you put your make up on with your hands (I leave that for quick touch ups in public bathrooms). Now there are lots of things to apply foundation, concealer and contour. 241 more words


Beautiful Rose Gold Brushes from Indy Luxe*

I feel like the Indy Luxe Pearlescent Unicorn and Rose Gold brushes have appeared from nowhere and taken over the makeup world and I was lucky enough to get my hands on the 8pc Rose Gold set*! 1,222 more words


How to clean your make-up brushes - the 'at home' way and the 'pro' way

Never before have I used as many make-up brushes in my personal make-up routine as I do now! It doesn’t really matter why (my methods and preferences are just changing I guess) but the need to clean them frequently is now something else to factor into my time, whereas before I didn’t need to worry… I don’t have a lot of time for finickity little jobs like this, so if it’s just for my own personal use, I sometimes do it the quick way. 1,023 more words


Basic Girls Guide to: Make-up Brushes


Today’s blog post is ALL about make-up brushes. They are the tools we use regularly but can get overlooked in when looking in your beauty bag. 502 more words


Beauty UK Review

Beauty UK has been a brand I have wanted to try for a while due to their beautifully packaged products and their affordable prices. I was so excited to receive their products and finally put them to the test and see if they were worth slipping into my makeup bag! 380 more words


How to clean your make up brushes

As a make up artist I’m forever cleaning my make up brushes and it’s something I don’t look forward to! Ask any make up artist and I’m 99% sure they will say the same thing. 135 more words


Sigma Bent Liner Review

I love a good precise eyeliner. I purchased this Sigma Bent Liner Brush  basically to master my cat eye skills. I am not an expert nor a make up artist. 261 more words

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