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My everyday make-up + Minimalism update blurb!

Today I’ve got make-up, for those of you who are into it: ladies, gentlemen, and anyone else who enjoys wearing make-up and/or knowing what other people put on their faces. 630 more words


My Current Go to Everyday Make-up

I have been finding the mornings extra difficult recently, I think it’s the darker mornings but when it comes to getting up and getting ready the temptation of that extra 10 minutes In bed is just too great! 506 more words

Make Up

Basic eye-look

Hi all!

Today I’m going to talk about my routine kind of way to do my eye make-up. I find this the easiest way to use a couple of my palettes, actually, I can do this with almost all of my palettes! 275 more words


Natural everyday make-up 2017

Hello my beautiful people and welcome back to my blog!!!!I hope you are doing great and that you are having the best week of your life!So today’s post is about my everyday make up look for fall and I believe it’s pretty settle since I usually wear it at my morning classes at college!Soo without further ado , let’s start! 427 more words


My Make-Up Routine


Okay so, I’m not really into make up much, but I thought this would be interesting to do. Because I really would like this blog to kind of be about everything, more specifically everything about me. 512 more words


My fall base make up routine

In summer I wore only powder because it was so hot that my make up just melted away. Because it’s getting colder now I started wearing foundation again and I love it. 294 more words


My Go To Everyday Make Up Products

I’ll admit it. I’m that girl that can’t go to the corner shop without a face of make up on. I dread the thought of having to answer the door with a naked face. 731 more words

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