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The common point

The common point from where your thoughts flow, sits at the back of your mind until you reach the end of your day.
Throughout the day as you set out to accomplish your goals, your mind and heart merge with each other to get things done. 140 more words


When life wants you to chill-y

Life has a way of calming you down when angry. It knows how to lead you into cooling your nerves. Simple – it makes you experience something that will force you to do the opposite of what you are doing at the moment. 88 more words

Picture the good scene

When times get negative and nothing goes the way you want it.

Do not let your dark thoughts take over. They never give you a direction, especially not the right one. 28 more words

The learning curveĀ 

Learning through our blunders. Isn’t it just the toughest thing?

Are you a people pleaser?

Not everything should be possible. Agree?
Care about those who matter. Yourself as well.