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Make up your mind!! ... VII

On one hand they tell us to shut up and listen. On the other, they tell us to have a mind of our own.

It's called balance

You can’t always be happy but you can’t always be sad.

Superhuman mistakes

You’re not always expected to be super human in all your abilities.

Mistakes are meant to happen. We’d be Gods if we were perfect.

Make up your mind!! VI

On one hand they tell us what they don’t want. On the other, they tell us to do what makes us happy.


When I was on my way back home from work, I had seen a woman throw a banana peel from a moving bus. I didn’t shout out at her or make a scene by taking the banana peel and throwing it back at her. 694 more words

Only you can inspire yourself

Repeat after us

Today I am going to have to good day because I am going to make it good.

Move on to live your life 😎🤘

Living your life to the fullest also means to chuck away the pain from issues that are not in your control.

Sorting out matters have an expiry date. 44 more words