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LOLA ... 

As if daylight savings isn’t bad enough to through me off, my crazy cell phone isn’t helping. Not. At. All.

If you have known me for any length of time you know that every phone that I have had has been possessed. 160 more words

Life's Little Lessons

October Gale

I was in the mood for a thriller and the blurb for “October Gale” says something about being stranded on an island with killers.  Sounds like a pretty standard slasher/thriller style movie, right?  230 more words


Make a Decision, Don't Stop!

Don’t let your “but’s” stop you!

When you say “no” you have no idea what you’re saying no to!

It’s possible for you to make your dreams come true! 11 more words


Make Up Your Mind

The article today is inspired by people with potential. The people blessed with gifts not present with everyone else. The people who will walk away from this though are the people with purpose. 966 more words

My Favorites

9 Refreshing Reasons To Date Someone Who's Indecisive

We all don’t like settling for boring. We complain so much about being bored repetitively. Then praise for wanting “something new.”

In terms of dating, as we get older, we tend to date more frequently in hopes of finding “the one.” 265 more words

Just Face it.....You're Indecisive!

Do you think you’re an indecisive person? If your answer was Yes…No…Maybe…Sometimes, than you are. It can be tricky figuring out whether or not you are an indecisive person. 607 more words