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Poem of the Week: I Don't Sub for Sub

Hey, readers!

I usually hate whining, regardless if it’s coming from someone else’s mouth or my own. For this week’s “Poem of the Week,” though, I’ve decided to submit a work based on an annoyance I’ve been having with this blog for the past two to three months that I’ve no doubt has been just as much a problem for so many other WordPress bloggers.  346 more words


"Decisions Matter"

the weakness
of indecision
to missed

you know
the ones that knock
on your door
over and over
and when you
finally decide… 42 more words


Poem of the Week: The Fickle Subscriber Poem

Hello, readers.

The following sonnet is dedicated to everyone out there who has ever managed a blog, Internet video channel, or similar outlet who has ever had to put up with people who allegedly have similar outlets with the same provider (WordPress, YouTube, DailyMotion, BlogSpot, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) who had subscribed to their blog, channel, or page…only to unsubscribe anywhere from a day to a week later without explanation—especially over the course of a month or so and who share so much in common with other, similar blogs/channels/webpages (i.e., month of origin, blog/channel/page content, identical “about” section messages, and so on) that one might suspect said blogs/channels/pages to belong to the same spamming robot. 371 more words


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April 24th, 2016

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make up your MIND

what is it??

one MINUTE you DO and the NEXT you DON’T!!

either you DO or you DON’T!!!

you can’t DO and DON’T, whenever YOU feel like it!!! 38 more words

Make Up your Mind


郑明析牧师 箴言分享

“自己要下定「想做的决心」并向圣三位祷告, 要下定「想做的决心」并以话语来武装, 也要领受属灵的力量、下定决心并得胜. ”

“You yourself should make up your ‘mind to do it’ and pray to the Holy Trinity; make up your ‘mind to do it’ and arm yourself with the Word; and receive spiritual power, make determination and triumph.”