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2nd chances

So why cry over spilt milk? Find new things to do. Be happy. You never know, you might find someone better than the one before. 25 more words


When waffles go bad

Or “waffling”. That’s what I call it when I’m making waffles. It’s also what I call the indecision that Jack sometimes has, which has been a common thing in our house since … well since he could talk! 286 more words


Gangstars Fitness Goal Day #1

Working all day makes us gloomy. So, we decided to try and lose weight faster than the monsoon clouds. This is us on our very first day. 75 more words


Hot and cold adventures ...

I have traveled around California quite a few times. However, after traveling up and down the state several times over the past year I’ve come to two conclusions. 132 more words

Life's Little Lessons

Poem of the Week: Fake Friends

Fake Friends
June 23, 2017

Fake friends
Fake fans
Fans of no one else
Fans of only themselves
Themselves they care about
Themselves topics of interest… 187 more words