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It’s a beautiful Saturday Morning in the city of Lagos, Nigeria . Your Excellency, Good Morning and how are you doing?

Yes, MAKE up your mind. 232 more words

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Make up your mind and I'll make up mine. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine!

Those words that you said to me, why wasn’t I listening?

and do this for the last time, and do this for the last time, and do this for the last time


The Albion - 'Young And Lost' EP Review

The Albion are a Stoke based band with a very special talent. This talent stretches beyond their ability to nail an Alex Turner vocal style; they also have a strong sense of melody and know how to layer it into a variety of indie-rock tracks. 303 more words


There is no going back. No mulligans. No refunds. No returns

Is it possible to remain constant in an ever changing world? Things change rapidly in this modern world we live in. Some changes are harmless. But there are things that should never change. 389 more words

BBC Sherlock cast and crew: omg stop obsessively stalking and sharing secret pics of our show

BBC Sherlock cast and crew: *obsessively tweets 24/7 stream of secret pics from the show*

The Stream Flows...

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” – Orwell

The process is a monotonous one, but I can feel my world expanding again, the holes slowly filling. 141 more words

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This is soo truee, holy shit. Like, make up your mind dude.

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