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4 Sure-shot Ways To Go Do Stuff

So we’ve been super busy sorting out everybody else’s work and making everyone else rich.

Exhausted with the way the day ends. Back to back meetings where we wonder whether we’re ever going to get out. 493 more words

How to be Tappy on Tuesday

Here’s our Tuesday Tip for you.

It’s the second day of the week. Make it worthwhile.

Remember to tap your feet to your own music. Coz it’s your music of life.

Have a Tappy Tuesday! ☺️🤘☺️🤘


One of the most majestic times of our lives was when we watched the sun set into the twilight.

Our very own sunshine

Our very own beauty… 122 more words


How to Time your Life?

Time is your greatest teacher. We find this true as time never waits. It never waits for you to move on neither does it care enough to watch you gloat in self pity. 84 more words


The Secret Hiding Place

Happiness. We hear about it all the time. It seems to be that elusive something everyone is searching for but so many can’t find. Why is that? 267 more words


2nd chances

So why cry over spilt milk? Find new things to do. Be happy. You never know, you might find someone better than the one before. 25 more words


When waffles go bad

Or “waffling”. That’s what I call it when I’m making waffles. It’s also what I call the indecision that Jack sometimes has, which has been a common thing in our house since … well since he could talk! 286 more words