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Dream castle

Sunday is your dream castle

Dream away

Be yourself

Live free


Feel the love in summer times

Going around the city

Searching for solace

Looking oh so pretty

The ground, street and your face

Forget the pain

Forget the heat

There’s more to gain

In times so sweet.


When the city sleeps

When the city sleeps

With one eye open

When the city feels

With one heart beat

When the city blinks

Catching one dream

Then the city sinks

Into the night.


You the boss!!!

Cut them out!

They don’t need your reasons. They’ve been so treacherous that an explanation for them is pure injustice to yourself.

Refuse to surrender to these people who bring you down or trick you into traps of traumatized webs. 19 more words



Snap out of wallowing and self-pity. Make it work with what you have.


Smile Strong

Stay safe this week! Don’t really!

Feel the heat so deadly.

Stir into the storm.

Go against the norm.

They’ll smile at you.

You’ll think you know them. 31 more words


Healing Shampoo

A strict warning toward those who think for others. What you are doing by putting others before yourself is the noblest thing to do but pamper yourself too. 115 more words