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Why I Will Continue to Shop at Sephora

It’s not every day that you experience great customer service.

Because I had saved money from not making meaningless impulse purchases I felt it was time to fill in some much needed gaps in my makeup inventory. 331 more words


Si te hace sentir hermosa, entonces hazlo!

Me encanta la idea.

Venimos a este mundo a mucho más que lucir lindas, pero también sabemos que las mujeres somos vanidosas por naturaleza, entonces cuando algo nos hace sentir bellas, admiradas y especiales, pues porque no hacerlo? 108 more words

Strange Change

I don’t like change. Never have. But sometimes change is thrust upon me. The things I hate to change most are related to my face. I am not pretty or beautiful or usual looking. 617 more words

What's in my makeup bag?

One thing all of my friends know about me is that I love makeup. I am constantly trying out new products and blowing all of my money in Sephora. 255 more words


My favourites of the month

Hey guys, I have been absolutely loving the products I’m going to talk to you about today, also guys I tell a lie because they aren’t just my favourites for this month but I’ve been obsessing over these for a few weeks now. 774 more words

Essence We Are...

Essence Cosmetics has a released a new Limited Edition collection for the month of January and February called We Are… The minute I saw this collection, Valentine’s Day was what sprung to mind given the design and colour scheme for the collection is red and pink with floating hearts ♥ . 672 more words


My PM skincare routine

Since the age of 13 til around the age of 18 I had spots and my skin was so sensitive. I’m now nearly 20 and can finally use nice products on my face to cleanse and moisturise rather than just clean my face with prescription cleansers to prevent spots. 590 more words