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Which color do you prefer? Karen Murrell natural lipsticks

「唇に触れるものには何一つ不快なものは使いたくない」と、ニュージーランドの大自然の中に住む女性がナチュラルを思う心から展開したナチュラルリップスティックブランド 「カレン・マリル」に注目!I tried to Karen Murrell, Natural lipsticks from NZ.
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Kylie Lip Kits in Koko K and Candy K

Hi Guys,

I am late on the bandwagon for this one because, let’s face it there has been mixed reviews and for the price it made me procrastinate whether to risk it or not. 133 more words


Inspirational Beauty Vlogger

I was looking at the TyraBeauty Instagram page when I first discovered Steph Aiello(uwalk_iglide). The first thing I noticed was that she’s stunningly beautiful. Then I read more of the post and realized that she’s over come a lot in her life. 471 more words


Little Known Box - Summer Nights 

Five new products this month and I’ve only seen one before.

Glittereyes Pressed Glitter – new to the UK Glitter Eyes is a range of glitter in 30 colours, nontoxic, waterproof and easily removed even though it’s designed to stay put once applied. 245 more words


My new favourite face mask

As i have mentioned before i really struggle with oily skin and continuous breakouts. So when i’m searching for a new product it often takes me a few tries of various different ones to find the perfect one to suit my skin. 273 more words



A few of weeks ago Anatomicals sent me a selection of their face masks to try out. I was really excited, I’ve seen their stuff before on Asos and I’ve always been intrigued by their use of cute and funny quotes on the front of their products along with the bright colours they use. 252 more words


First Impressions: Garnier Micellar Water

After years of using the Simple Make Up Remover, I was on the look out for something better. Setting aside the fact that the Simple one was drying out my eyes, it still wasn’t perfecting its job. 102 more words