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How Much NBA Players Make After Taxes

See how TAXES impact NBA players’ take home pay.

How Much Do the Top 10 NBA Players Make . . . After Taxes?

LeBron James has the biggest contract for the upcoming NBA season. 190 more words


FizzBuzz adventures in C99

it’s been a while since I last wrote on this blog… in fact, it’s been so long that I even forgot that I had this blog… 335 more words

C Pre-processor

Let your Makefile make your life easier

This semester I’m taking my first official CS class here at Cornell, CS 5220 Applications of Parallel Computers taught by Dave Bindel (for those of you in the Reed group or at Cornell, I would definitely recommend taking this class, which is offered every other year, once you have some experience coding in C or C++). 766 more words

Wk 8.1: Workbook

Define, Ideate, Understand, Make & Critique

Today, we spent some time on ideation techniques in large groups. We started by filling out columns for what we felt was relevant in terms of subject, audience, tangible and intangible content, with as many words as possible. 532 more words


DIY Baby Play Mat

I finally have a DIY to share with you! I am very happy with how it turned out and it’s a gift! I was inspired by this… 539 more words


These honest kid notes will make you laugh harder than you should

Ever notice that kids are kind of unapologetically honest? These curious young ones have no filter when it comes to communicating and make grammatical errors you can’t even be mad about even if you tried. 193 more words