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Make up - Our secret weapon for a #flawless medium to full coverage #... #Chapecoense

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Christmassy DIYs: Black and Gold

I was determined to make some classy and fancy, alomst luxury DIYs, that didn’t look cheapo, but actually looked quite nice and festive. They are very simple, but boy did they take me super long, because I really wanted to get them right! 447 more words

Arts & Craft

Creating Christmas

Keeping up with the festive theme that seems to be infiltrating everything at the moment, Matt and I went to a Christmas crafting party hosted by… 367 more words


It is only those who never do anything who never make mistakes.

A. Favre

Overwatch Prop Gun Build Progress

I’m building an Overwatch prop gun — Lucio’s blaster — from scratch. Here are my videos for the first two parts of four(?) that I’m planning.


elegant and rustic diy ornaments

Each holiday season we try to come up with a few fun and easy diy ornaments to do with our kids, but this year we decided to make a few just for ourselves. 774 more words


Hedgerow Baubles

Plastic fillable baubles offer such a range of festive possibilities; we’ve chosen to fill ours with free foraged finds and sprayed them an on-trend copper shade… 109 more words

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