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Make up - Darlings, it's #VoterRegistrationDay today in the US! Use yo...

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Skeleton Trays - Dollar Tree DIY

Every Halloween Table needs a double decker tray. I liked the idea of skeletons holding up the a second plate for extra treats! It ended up looking more like burn victims as the pillars which added an even spookier effect. 388 more words


Spooky Halloween Village

I got the idea for this from The 36th Avenue. Check out the original tutorial HERE!

Instead of spray painting the buildings, we used poster paints from the dollar tree to add some spooky effects. 87 more words


Bloody Glitter Lanterns - Dollar Tree DIY

I wanted to add an extra touch to these awesome light up paper lanterns from the Dollar Tree! As I glittered everything else and used the dripping blood for the… 400 more words


Creepy Monster Flowers - Dollar Tree DIY

I saw the eyeball flowers on Pinterest from Woo Home and loved it! I thought that adding vampire teeth would be a fun touch to the idea of these spooky flowers, so I combined that with an idea from… 869 more words


Glitter Flowers - Dollar Tree DIY

The dollar tree has black flowers, which I thought were super cool for Halloween! I just wanted to add my own little touch, add some color and dimension, and make them look a little less like they only cost a dollar. 483 more words