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Summer In The USA.

Hello my lovelies! I hope you have been keeping up with my posts and even more hopeful that you are enjoying reading them. Summer is fast approaching and if you are planning on travel outside of the state or out of the country to visit the lovely USA, well your in luck! 665 more words


Agcl: Tinta electro conductiva para impresora.

El prototipado de circuitos ahora en cada hogar y cuadernos es posible gracias a AgIC.

Implementar circuitos electrónicos siempre representa una de las fases más lentas en la implementación de proyectos. 132 more words

Censorship in the Netherlands

The next country in line for the censorship survey, after Mexico and Canadais the Netherlands

To recap, my questions were the following: 682 more words


Just wanted to say...

I’ve been posting about censorship around the world, but there’s been an interruption.

Just wanted to say…


This is a post for Make Blog Not War… 14 more words


Contextualising #MakeBlog: Voice and Censorship


In his first post for Make Blog Not War, Raghavendra contextualises the event, arguing that the Internet has helped more people to find their voice, and that government censorship is a reaction against that. 416 more words

Freedom Of Expression

So who said these words, and do you disagree?

How do you feel when somebody else puts in a few crisp, simple sentences something you have always wanted to say?

On being asked,

“At what point of time, does liberty for yourself becomes license to abuse others?” 406 more words

Indian Homemaker

Speak Now


In this second post in our #MakeBloggers series, Anne lists out some of the actions any blogger anywhere can take to defend his or her right to free speech. 433 more words

Freedom Of Expression