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Reviving Dreams Deferred

It’s never too late to try again. Sometimes dreams, visions or goals get deferred simply because life happens.  A new relationship, a new marriage, children, a new job, stress, expenses, loss, pain and struggle are many of the reasons that people don’t work to fulfill their dream.   292 more words


Choose your life

I’ve been working since I was 14 years old, alongside being in school. I’ve been extremely lucky to have a job more or less my entire adult life this far. 553 more words

Week 4: I'm Not Quitting Now

So it’s been a month, eh… I must say I’m proud of myself for lasts this long, because you know why of course. For evaluation of a month training, I got to do more in balancing workout and nutrition. 336 more words


Week 3: Combo Week

This week’s training was awesome I can say. For the first time in my training program I did two workouts in a session, and there were 4 sessions. 440 more words


Busy is not an excuse!!

Busy is not an excuse! Everyone is busy and you will always find time for the things you want to do however you probably don’t prioritise time on what you should or need to do. 250 more words

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Week 2: Stay Calm

Not much to share on this ordinary week. Prometheus, Athena, and Morpheus were tiring enough clearly, I got just right amount of soreness in my arms and my thighs. 314 more words