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How to get moving this 2016!! (10 Tips)

My apologies. I realize that since I revamped my blog, I never really got the opportunity to wish you guys well this year. I definitely must have been really excited about this. 1,413 more words



“There are NO LIMITS except those that you set in your mind”

~Tony Ramos.









Glorious Bullshit-Wading

Hey Friends,


This is a crucial election for us. In truth, all elections are, but this one in particular is weighted by obligation. The mantle of responsibility for this rock we live on has been given to us whether we want to believe it or not. 719 more words

“Choosing purpose over perfect” Make it Happen by Lara Casey

Initially I went into this book with the impression it was like any other self help book. Here are your steps, God loves you, now figure it out. 313 more words


Day 9 of 366: What if we're going nowhere, after all.

January 9, 2015

What’s frustrating? Planning for so long and failing to make these plans happen, at least for me.

It’s been about a month since I’ve invited my friends to set a date for our annual holiday dinner. 543 more words

If My Opinions Matter

Harvest a BIG BUCK in 2016! 3 Tips to Make it Happen

It’s that time of year! All kinds of people are making resolutions and setting goals for the New Year. Statistically many of you reading this post have set a… 630 more words

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Humour me tonight. I’m “feeling my oats” as the saying goes. My heart is full. And I have no reasons to list out for you, no specific stimulation, no cause. 210 more words