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3D Printed Desklamp Follows Tesla for Cordlessness

If not for , we’d be pretty behind when it comes to electricity. So to pay homage to one of the greatest inventors, decided to make his very own wireless… 209 more words

3d Printer Hacks


Last week, I tried co-processing some electronics into my 3D printed part. Before that, I used co processing to get the printer head to push my part off the build plate… 636 more words

Well... so maybe spheres aren’t easy!

Here’s the finished planet on its base with built-in connectors. But wait! Looks a little more like an onion than a planet. I think we need to learn to scale objects proportionately by holding down the shift key… or using the ruler to make sure the dimensions are correct.

Student Voice Extended Through 3D Printing

At the very beginning of the year, a student raced into the library to tell me about his goal to design and 3D print his own Skylanders figures.   383 more words


3D Printing Phenomenon

What is 3D printing and what kind of impact will it have on your life?

3D printing is both an analog and digital process. Melted plastic is layered to create objects in real life – this is probably why I’m excited by it! 919 more words

Spheres are easy... now for the connectors!

Today, the 3D at DV team conceptualized how they will connect each of the planets in their model of the solar system. One student suggested that each planet sit in a tray of some sort. 50 more words

The man behind MakerBot on finding the stories that build your brand

When he started MakerBot in 2009, founder Bre Pettis came across a lot of savvy people who simply didn’t believe there would ever be a market for desktop 3D printing. 3,688 more words