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3D Printing Update - Spotlighting MakerBot and Shapeways

We have updated our 3D Printing sector map for April 2015 and it is attached below. We are currently tracking over 219 companies in 9 categories across 22 countries, with a total of $406 Million in funding. 272 more words


Printegrating Factors

This week I printed my first test run of a fully integrated, coprocessed system. I combined my light sensor idea from last week’s post and my… 584 more words

Facebook Testing Caller Id App "Hello" | Crunch Report

On today’s Crunch Report, Google announces Project Fi cell service, what your favorite apps will look like on Apple Watch, Makerbot’s uncertain future, and Facebook’s user base is flocking to mobile. 15 more words


Makerbot's Saddest Hour

In the process of growth, startups change. They change from scrappy three-person operations to behemoths with new employees rolling in daily. They go on hiring sprees and the founders no longer know the people sitting at cubicles outside their offices. 802 more words


Working out last details

One of our team members brought in these awesome black boards so we could arrange our model. But it turns out we need more boards to be able to get the relative scale of the planets to actually fit! 38 more words

A few last minute tweaks...

One of the builders did not like the way his Mars turned out, so we’re reprinting that planet.

But today, the team took the sun, its base, and the planets that are printed out and assembled them into a rough approximation of the final scheme. 68 more words

Shape Maker

Shape Maker on MakerBot PrintShop makes it easy and fast to transform your sketches, photos, and screen captures into a 3D printable file.

Download today at MakerBot.com/PrintShop.