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MRRF 17: A Working MakerBot Cupcake

The Midwest RepRap Festival is the best place to go if you want to see the latest in desktop 3D printing. This weekend, we saw full-color 3D printers, a printer with an infinite build volume, new extruders, a fantastic development in the pursuit of Open Source filament, and a whole bunch of D-bots. 429 more words

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MRRF 17: The Infinite Build Volume Printer

Before we dig into this one, a bit of a history lesson is in order. In 2010, MakerBot released the Automated Build Platform for the MakerBot Cupcake. 504 more words

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3D Printing and You

By: August Dice ~Staff Writer~

Xavier University, in order to jump ahead of the curve, is home to a bunch of third dimensional additive manufacturing machines (3D printers). 503 more words


MakerBot says its new print process reduces times and costs by around 30 percent

MakerBot’s MinFill arrived quietly last night as a firmware upgrade for existing customers, and the company is already calling it a “big benchmark in speed and widespread adoption of 3D printing.” Many are understandably a bit cautious around such grandiose proclamations from players in this space, particularly when it comes to something as unabashedly unsexy as infill — the support structures inside a model that keep it from collapsing. 572 more words


Maker Movement in Mullica Hill

Despite the snow and bitter winds on Wednesday, the Mullica Hill Library still had two people come in to get their 3D printer certification at the… 492 more words


First Fabric Infused Project

One of the problems with modeling vaults, especially with 3D printing, is the many small pieces either don’t print right or get mistaken for other pieces. 42 more words